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We tested the Voge 500 DSX: an accessible trail bike for the A2 license that makes it difficult for its older sister for less money
We tested the Voge 500 DSX: an accessible trail bike for the A2 license that makes it difficult for its older sister for less money

A few days ago we told you all about the Voge 650 DSX, a motorcycle that recovers the adventurous spirit of the single-cylinder trail but reinterpreted in its own way. And it did not come alone, because we have also been able to taste the Voge 500 DSX. The other side of the scale within the same brand.

These are two models that are really close to each other and that have many similarities and a few differences. Two different characters that will serve to satisfy two different types of users within the A2 card, so let's try to answer the question: 500 DSX or 650 DSX?

Voge 500 DSX: trail diversity with many similarities

Voge 500 Dsx 2021 021

With models of 300, 500 and 650 cubic centimeters, Vogue has reached the market offering up to five different models of its trail bikes. A multiple offer that serves the brand to cover a very wide spectrum of customers although always within the limits of the A2 card.

The case that concerns us today is Voge 500 DSX, a very close relative of the 500 DS that we already tested a few months ago but that brings a more country touch to the same concept, but at the same time tries to stay away from the single-cylinder 650 DSX with which it shares its name (at least in part).

On the outside the Voge 500 DSX is extremely similar to the 500 DS, and there are not many noteworthy changes. Variations between one and the other are limited to rims which in this case are made of spokes instead of alloy, changing the front diameter from 17 to 19 inches, as well as the tires, which are no longer Pirelli Angel ST on the DS for Metzeler tourance on the DSX.

Voge 500 Dsx 2021 022

Aesthetically the 500 DSX is still familiar to us as we look at it, and it is impossible that it does not remind us of a Honda CB500X from the front, the middle part has a German air, especially because of that exhaust with a very F 900 XR aesthetic and a rear that makes a kind of hollow tail to the Ducati Panigale.

It has some interesting features of its own, such as being equipped as standard with a central stand, dynamic indicators, a USB charging port or a manually adjustable screen in three positions. A regulation that we can only do while standing because its fixing system by means of a threaded knob is the most bulky we've seen in a long time.

Another detail that we liked is that there are no options, because all the equipment comes as standard. Well everything except the set of metallic suitcases and top case, which also have a clear German inspiration but a much more adjusted price. Their rate price is 1,300 euros but they are currently on sale for 850 euros.

Voge 500 Dsx 2021 008

After doing the general review outside the Chinese mount, we got on the back of the Voge 500 DS and the first thing that strikes us is its accessibility. The seat is located at a height 821 mm and you get to the ground very well with both feet.

It is 1mm higher than the seat of the 650 DSX we just got off of and instead it reaches the ground much better. The shape of the seat is much better executed, we are better integrated and also the arch of the legs is narrower. Something that will go great for those with less experience or less stature (as in my case, touching 170 cm).

Ergonomics is well resolved with a comfortable posture. The back is straight thanks to a wide and high handlebar although with the tips a bit open and raised for my taste and the footrests placed in a neutral position. The footpegs also have removable rubber inserts and the levers are adjustable.

Voge 500 Dsx 2021 012

In front of the handlebar is the same digital display that we saw in the presentation of the 500 DS. It's a LCD box that brings together a good amount of information: in the perimeter, tachometer, warning lights, engine temperature, thermometer and fuel level, partial bottom, in the center tire pressure sensor, gear engaged and battery charge indicator as well as hourly clock and in half the speedometer.

The system also has bluetooth connection but its functions are very limited. In addition, the operation is carried out by means of two buttons on the box itself instead of doing it from one of the pineapples. There is also not much to handle because everything is displayed at the same time on the screen, which causes some graphics to be too small like that of the clock or the thermometer.

Japanese inspiration

Voge 500 Dsx 2021 Test 011

We get going with the Voge 500 DSX and as soon as we start the difference with the 650 DSX also becomes noticeable. The sound is radically opposite, because this time the engine has not one, but two cylinders. Another wink at the Honda CB500X, maybe.

The twin-cylinder block in parallel not only fuses the configuration, but also imitates a good part of its main characteristics. It is water-cooled, has a double overhead camshaft and has exactly the same internal dimensions than the Japanese model: 67 x 66.8mm and 471cc with 10.7: 1 compression.

Voge 500 Dsx 2021 018

In figures, the engine of the Voge 500 DSX offers 46.9 hp at 8,500 rpm and 40.5 Nm at 7,000 rpm. We liked the way it delivers power with fine low-end operation and progressive stretch. It's not quite a spiky engine but it is noticeably more playful and springy than the 650 DSX.

Both have a very similar power (the difference does not reach 1 CV) but the torque is different. The 500 DSX has almost 20 Nm less and that is noticeable in the thrust at low and medium revs, but the driving experience we liked a lot more in the 500 DSX due to the character of the engine itself, the general feel of the bike and on all by weight, with 15 kg less in favor of the smallest: 205 kg in running order.

Voge 500 Dsx 2021 013

With the two mounts we have done the same route. Winding roads of broken asphalt are the idyllic terrain for this Voge 500 DSX. The power is contained but the engine works correctly and allows us to play with the change. In addition, the 500 DSX has a six-speed gearbox more usable than the five of the 650 DSX.

The cycle part is simple but sufficient for its purpose. It has a tubular steel chassis that is joined by a 41mm inverted fork front suspension and a rear monoshock with connecting rods. In both cases they are signed by Kayaba.

Voge 500 Dsx 2021 Test 007

Its behavior is correct within the accessible purpose of the model. His moron has a clear comfortable vocation willing to swallow the potholes of battered roads without breaking down, but they also hold up correctly when they can bear a little more rhythm. It is true that the steering feels somewhat heavy (they are 10 kg more than a CB500X), it has a lot of weight in the front end and the vibrations in the mid / high range are very present through the handlebars.

His tours are 156mm front and 61mm rear, which leaves us with a fork that works better than the shock absorber, limited by a fairly short travel. But they are also very close to what the Voge 650 DSX offers us and its 180 and 58 mm respectively.

Voge 500 Dsx 2021 002

Where there are no technical differences is in the brake equipment. The front axle is equipped with a 298mm double disc with Nissin double piston caliper and controlled by a pump also signed by the Japanese manufacturer and with Bosch ABS. Its touch is a bit rubbery, braking a lot in the first section but little dosable later. ABS does not come in soon, and equipping the same material as the 650 DSX, the 500 DSX brakes better thanks to its lower weight.

As we said at the beginning, the main difference between the 500 DS and the 500 DSX is their footwear and the replacement of the 17-inch front rim with a 19-inch spoke. The 500 DS can be a bit more agile on good asphalt roads, but We have not found that the 500 DSX penalizes in this regard. It fights well, performs noble and can offer a fun ride with some concession to getting off the tarmac, where it does tread better than a 17-inch tire.

Voge 500 DSX: accessible versatility

Voge 500 Dsx 2021 Test 003

Having tested both the Voge 500 DSX and the Voge 650 DSX it is difficult for us to offer a clear distinction between the two models. The two bikes are a trail concept that is very close to each other with identical material in brakes and rims and very similar in suspensions (same equipment but 180 mm instead of 150 mm of travel for the fork).

The fuel tank is 16.5 liters1.5 liters less than in the Voge 650 DSX, but it also certifies a significantly lower consumption of 3.8 liters per 100 km with which the brand ensures that it can travel more than 400 km.

Voge 500 Dsx 2021 003

The engines are totally different in architecture but close in terms of power figures, with more torque for the 650 DSX but a 15kg lead for the 500 DSX. The benefits therefore remain in tables between the two models and we have to look for the differences in terms of their character.

We would recommend the 650 DSX to someone who wants a simple mechanic with which to travel many kilometers through remote areas of civilization, but our choice between the two would go for the Voge 500 DSX. It behaves better, it is more accessible and aesthetically it is better resolved. In fact, if the decision had been ours, we would have launched a Voge 500 DSX with the longest suspensions and voila.

Voge 500 Dsx 2021 Test 006

Incidentally, it is also a cheaper motorcycle. Its price is 6,595 euros, although it is currently still in promotion to 6,295 euros. It is 700 euros cheaper than the Voge 650 DSX, but with which you have to compare it is with the Honda CB500X and its 6,850 euros (2021 model, the 2022 still has no price), or the 6,799 euros of the Benelli TRK 502 X. La Voge ranks below average, but not too much either.

Voge 500 Dsx 2021 001

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