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Aprilia RS 660 vs Ducati SuperSport: What can we expect from the rebirth of supersport bikes?
Aprilia RS 660 vs Ducati SuperSport: What can we expect from the rebirth of supersport bikes?

Victims of the market or perhaps of regulations, the middleweight supersports, best seller in decades past slowly fell into oblivion. The analysis seems complicated to us, but what is clear is the change in trend by some factories. In this case precisely, two of the ones that tend to be more radical with their sports models.

We will not deny that Aprilia has been with its RS 660 one of the most named brands after the announcement of this new model, in a category that seemed deserted of freshness. Ducati for its part with its SuperSport, worthy heir to the last SS of the '90s, which houses a greater cubic capacity than its Noale cousin, but with a nuance and that is that despite this it can also be included in the same category as the Aprilia. They both have the same goal, to break your heart with their good running around the curves and their sexy figures.

Titans of an empire

Ducati Supersport
Ducati Supersport

As a result of various nonsense, related to the latest trends and also to anti-pollution regulations and the staggering of driving licenses, the natural habitat of these gazelle-skinned lions had been deeply blurred. All of them easily dreadable reasons to win over an audience that never stopped being there.

For its part, the Aprilia saw the operation simple: it only had to start its glorious and effective 1100cc V4 to have the new engine ready for its RS. Thus was born the two-cylinder in line, a compact motor, powerful and that also helps to lower the center of gravity of the motorcycle. It only remained to make a throne for this in the form of a chassis, neither more nor less than a double aluminum beam like Aprilia so well knows how to sculpt.

From La casa de Bolonia they could not be less and they also came to the same conclusion, cut your engine in half more modern and evolved, also a V4. In this case the result is different, because as we know Ducati has always played in the V2 league at 90º which is known as the palm of its hand, so we have the 937cc V2. The chassis of this also follows the tradition of the house and opts for a chrome steel multitubular, as always or as never before since now the engine is used as part of the structure and a single-arm swingarm that gives it a different touch.

How are they between your legs?

Aprilia Rs 660 Iii
Aprilia Rs 660 Iii

Both have a clear objective: to be a motorcycle for everything, both to get out of curves on your favorite road and enjoy the beauty, as well as to go to the bakery for bread. This is how their handlebars above the seat post and the relatively relaxed driving position, in the case of the Aprilia somewhat more aggressive due to its high and somewhat lagging footrests. Its significantly reduced weight (169 Kg) plays in its favor for the role it plays and everything combines in a clearly sportier walk on an Aprilia saddle.

On the other hand, the Ducati is more benevolent in this aspect and adds a longer and more comfortable seat that allows us a lot of freedom of positions, a point in favor on long trips, even more so if we add its height-adjustable dome. The weight is somewhat higher than its rival (184Kg) but in any case does not lose Ducati DNA and shows formidable traceability and stability.

Engines, so the same and so different

Ducati Supersport II
Ducati Supersport II

In terms of mechanics, we have two very different engines both in terms of concept and displacement, but yes they have a common denominator: the two cylinders. In Aprilia they bet on in-line cylinders, with a medium displacement, furious and happy to go up in laps to reach their 100 hp at 10,500 rpm 67Nm of torque, not bad for their claims.

At Ducati they opt for a different approach with greater displacement, torque and power that achieves a more linear engine and very full of torque throughout the rev range, delivering 113 hp and 96.7Nm, which is beneficial when traveling with a passenger and luggage.

State-of-the-art in driving technology

Aprilia Rs 660 Ii
Aprilia Rs 660 Ii

Considering the technological equipment, neither of the two can be called "handicapped" because they both carry a lot of everythingWhat's more, this Aprilia RS 660 uses even better electronics than the current Aprilia RSV4 with an ECU Six-axis IMU and a whole package of top-level APRC electronic assistance systems, with ABS Cornering, quickshifter, antiwheelie, traction control, cruise etc …

On Ducati they do not fall short and in the electronic part there is a new six-axis IMU that informs the traction control system, the ABS Cornering and the "antiwheelie". With electronic throttle and the double-action "quickshifter" DQS EVO gearbox, which this time is already standard, as is the anti-rebound clutch.

Dicati Supersport Lcd
Dicati Supersport Lcd

You see that the objective is the same, to make a motorcycle easy, fun and accessible to all audiences, but the vanishing point that each factory uses to show its perspective is clearly different. So it is, it is not easy to make a decision and lean towards one or the other based on our own reasoning. Perhaps it is our subconscious that throws us into the arms of the most beautiful.

Aprilia RS660 and Ducati SuperSport 2021- Technical sheet

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