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The new KTM RC 125 is here! A radical sports car suitable for the car license that improves in part cycle and technology
The new KTM RC 125 is here! A radical sports car suitable for the car license that improves in part cycle and technology

After getting to know the KTM RC 390, it is the turn of the smallest of the family. This has been improved with the same ingredients of his older sister but adjusted for the B validation of the driving license or for those of the A1 license.

We talk about the KTM RC 125, which in this 2022 version has a very marked heritage from the world of competition in which it combines technology, efficiency and sportsmanship in equal parts.

KTM RC 125: transfer racing DNA from the circuit to the street

Ktm Rc 125 2022
Ktm Rc 125 2022

The new KTM RC 125 that will land in 2022 stands out for its new battle colors. Using the tones used by the brand in MotoGP as a base, they have created two totally opposite designs that attract attention. One is in white and the other is in black, and both mix their paint with the orange of their subframe to create a set of the most aggressive.

But aesthetics are not everything in this life and making use of computational fluid technology, they have designed a fairing that you have allowed improve top speed by better collecting the body of the pilot and that above it prevents the hot air that comes off the engine from reaching the driver. It has also helped this improvement to abandon the use of the double headlight on its front for one with simple optics with Full-LED technology.

KTM RC 125 2022
KTM RC 125 2022

Continuing with its exterior we see a rear area completely freed of superfluous plastics as it was already the case in the RC 390. Its rear is now marked by a simple image where we find the LED brake light attached below the remodeled subframe and a floating license plate holder with the indicators. to the sides. The latter as well as its fairing they will be easy to disassemble by including less hardware thinking of those who want to enjoy their mount in a circuit.

Its weight is another factor that stands out in this 125. Thanks to the use of the new ultralight multi-tube chassis its weight has been reduced by 1.5 kilograms compared to the previous generation. Special care has also been taken to improve overall ergonomics. As was the case with its larger displacement sister, the knee area has been ergonomically developed to allow greater freedom of movement for the rider, being as narrow as possible and in turn creating a greater contact surface.

KTM RC 125 2022
KTM RC 125 2022

The new cockpit and the dome support in two parts are made up of an upper area of cast aluminum and a lower one of composite that is responsible for holding the headlight, while the fuel tank is now larger (13.7 liters) to improve comfort in everyday use and autonomy.

Mechanically we find a 125 cc single-cylinder engine prepared for Euro 5. It is water-cooled and has two camshafts, four valves and electronic gasoline injection. Thanks to him generates 15 hp of power, the maximum allowed for the validation of the car license. In addition, to improve its response to the throttle and offer more torque, KTM has modernized its intake system by providing it with a 40% larger air filter.

KTM RC 125 2022
KTM RC 125 2022

Its cycle part is another of those that have improved the most thanks to the use of adjustable suspensions WP. Your front fork now features the adjustable open cartridge WP APEX, with 30 clicks of adjustments for compression on the left leg and 30 clicks for extension on the right. Behind, it equips a WP APEX monoshock adjustable in extension and preload.

To stop, the engineers of the Austrian brand have chosen to use a new ABS system that has the Supermoto option and with the Cornering ABS, setting a benchmark in the small-displacement supercar segment.

Mechanically we have a 320 mm front brake disc and a Bybre 4-piston caliper and radial attachment, while in the rear it uses a fixed single piston caliper with a size of 230 mm. Thanks to this, the set has reduced the total weight by one kilo.

KTM RC 125 2022
KTM RC 125 2022

Electronically the KTM RC 125 makes use of a selection of driver assistance systems only available on larger displacement motorcycles, such as Supermoto ABS, lean angle sensitive cornering ABS and traction control. In addition, it can optionally include the Quickshifter + semi-automatic gearbox.

To be informed of the situation of the motorcycle, it has a new color TFT screen capable of connecting to the smartphone through the KTM My Ride app. The new KTM RC 125 will arrive at the dealerships of the Austrian brand in March of next year at a price that we still do not know.

KTM RC 125 2022 - Technical sheet

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