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The new Honda CBR500R debuts Showa suspension, an improved injection and new colors to keep up with the day
The new Honda CBR500R debuts Showa suspension, an improved injection and new colors to keep up with the day

Honda is immersed in the complete renovation of its entire range looking forward to 2022. This time it was the turn of the average sports car of the house compatible with the A2 card. This time the improvements have focused on performance, greater technology and component optimization.

We talk about the Honda CBR500R 2022, which for next year will debut a new 41mm Showa Big Piston Separate Function fork (SFF-BP), a 298mm double disc front brake and Nissin four-piston radially-mountable calipers. Its frame has also been improved thanks to a lighter piece of aluminum, with greater torsional rigidity, but at the same time more flexible laterally.

New Metallic Matte Black Gunpowder Color to Debut

HOnda CBR500R
HOnda CBR500R

The golden ara brand has presented the renewal of its "pocket sports car" for 2022 compatible with A2. We are talking about the Honda CBR500R, a sports motorcycle designed for young people, which has focused its efforts on optimizing its performance. To achieve this, it has lowered its weight, has considerably improved its cycle part and has released new colors and designs on its fairing.

If we start with its exterior, we will realize that the most significant changes have gone to its front. In it a new double headlight with LED technology, inherited directly from the Honda CBR650R, which gives it a much more impressive image than before and a more powerful lighting, complemented by some indicators on the sides with the same technology.

Honda CBR500R
Honda CBR500R

Continuing with the exterior, the fairing hardly suffers variations in its design, not so in terms of colors, since this new generation debuts the metallic black called by the brand as Gunpowder Mate, incorporating striking new graphics to enhance its track heritage. The other color that can be chosen is Grand Prix red.

Continuing with its engine, we will verify that it maintains the propeller with the same specifications of the previous model. It is a twin-cylinder mechanics with 471 cc of displacement homologated for Euro 5 and water-cooled with a final power that amounts to 48 hp at 8,600 rpm and a torque of 43 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The only change it has received from last year's model is an adjustment to its PGM-FI injection to further improve both the feel of torque and the overall character.

Honda CBR500%
Honda CBR500%

Where this CBR500R of 2022 has improved a lot and is in its cycle part. The most significant change is found in its front fork, when using a SFF-BP inverted Showa suspension w / 41mm rods that allow its preload to be adjusted and that considerably improve both reactions and ride quality.

Looking for that improvement and saving a few grams on the scale, it has also been modified the rear swingarm. Now it is made up of a lighter piece of aluminum (from 2.3 mm to 2 mm), with greater torsional stiffness but more flexible laterally to improve handling and cornering behavior.

To this must be added the incorporation of the new wheels lighter than five Y-shaped spokes instead of the six of the previous model. The width of the front wheel remains 3.5 inches with a 120/70-ZR17 tire and the rear 4.5 inches with a 160/60-ZR17 tire.

Brakes Honda CBR500R
Brakes Honda CBR500R

In line with dynamic chassis and suspension improvements, brake performance has also been improved. The previous generation single front brake has now been replaced by two 296 mm lobed discs with Nissin forceps radial anchor and double pistons.

With all this the new CBR500R 2022 achieves stop the scale at 192 kg. Although the curious thing is that to improve the grip of the front end and make it a more agile bike, the brand's engineers have placed a little more weight on the front wheel.

CBR500R dashboard
CBR500R dashboard

Electronically, the CBR500R 2022 will feature a instrument panel with an LCD display and gear position and upshift indicators; the latter is set by default at 8,750 rpm but can be customized to your liking with 250 rpm increments between 5,000 and 8,750 rpm.

To complete the motorcycle, Honda offers us a very complete range of original accessories that includes, among others, a rear rack, high smoked windshield or heated grips. Despite having all these data, Honda has not made it official when it will arrive at the dealerships or what price it will have. Until then we will keep you informed of any situation.

Honda CBR500R 2022 - technical sheet

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