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Historical! Pedro Acosta wins in Portimao to be proclaimed champion after a rampage by Darryn Binder
Historical! Pedro Acosta wins in Portimao to be proclaimed champion after a rampage by Darryn Binder

Pedro Acosta is already Moto3 world champion. The Spanish rider gave an exhibition in Portimao, beating some Honda that seemed superior, especially at top speed. Acosta has been tremendously combative, showing that pressure does not suit him, and he is only the third minor to win a World Cup after Loris Capirossi and Marc Márquez.

The decisive action of the race happened on the last lap, when the uncontrollable Darryn Binder has done one of his again, taking Dennis Foggia and Sergio García ahead, although Acosta was already leading. That they prepare in MotoGP, because this is what awaits them with Binder. Andrea Migno and Niccolò Antonelli complete the podium.

Binder beat Foggia and Sergio García on the last lap

Adrian Fernandez Algarve Moto3 2021
Adrian Fernandez Algarve Moto3 2021

At the exit Sergio García kept the first position ahead of Adrián Fernández. Dennis Foggia gave up some positions, while Pedro Acosta stayed where he started. The only crash in the first lap was that of Kaito Toba, who was already starting from the last position. Foggia was not going to be able to shoot, at least not yet.

Because on the first straight it was very clear that Foggia's bike was superior. He fulminated everyone to put himself first, although Adrián Fernández allowed himself the luxury of leading the race at the finish line. Acosta was already rolling seventh and gave John McPhee a great pass. Darryn Binder was second, guarding Foggia's back.

Migno Algarve Moto3 2021
Migno Algarve Moto3 2021

Definitely Foggia was on the run with overwhelming Honda dominance on the straight, since Binder was second and Xavi Artigas third. Acosta was already in fourth position, trying to get away from Foggia's squires, but the top speed was too much on the Japanese bikes.

It took Acosta a long time to get rid of Xavi Artigas, but the rear group was rejoining at the hand of Andrea Migno after the fall of John McPhee. It gave the feeling that Foggia was playing with the race, because he had escaped brushing the second but suddenly he let everyone get closer, perhaps to squeeze the group.

Acosta got to overtake Foggia, but the Italian gave it back to him at the end of the straight. Jaume Masiá had already reached the head and was doing teamwork. So much so that he overtook Acosta, he passed Foggia very to the limit, taking him off the track, and Acosta took the lead in the race. It completely changed the face of the race.

Sergio García also came into play, overtaking Acosta, who made a mistake by looking back that made him lose several positions. Foggia was back in first, picking up his top speed on the straight. In a heart attack maneuver, Acosta regained third position with Masià and Sergio García.

Masià went to the ground in a touch with Binder, while Sergio García unceremoniously put the bike into Foggia and that gave Acosta a certain gap. The moment of truth had arrived: the leader had a chance to finish off the title, but Foggia did not give up and recovered his position on the penultimate lap.

But in an incredible last lap Binder was ahead of Foggia and García, making it clear what level of driver he is. Pedro Acosta won the race and was proclaimed Moto3 world champion. Andrea Migno and Niccolò Antonelli close the podium. The second youngest champion after Loris Capirossi.

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