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Six scooters that you can drive with the validation of the B car license from 125 cc to 500 cc
Six scooters that you can drive with the validation of the B car license from 125 cc to 500 cc

Scooters have become the ideal solution for all those looking for a vehicle to help them with their daily commute to work but without giving up a short weekend getaway. There are many models that fit this description, however today we are going to focus on those that can be driven with the validation of the B car license.

For those who do not know, with obtaining of the B card you are validated directly the AM permit, which will allow us to take mopeds and motorcycles up to 50 cc without any requirement of seniority. However, to be able to drive motorcycles that are validated with the A1, three years will have to pass after obtaining it. This opens up a world of possibilities for us with scooters with displacements ranging from 125 cc to 500 cc (of tricycles). In this list we are going to show you the most attractive models for those drivers who want to go from taking the car to the scooter.

Honda PCX 125

Honda PCX

The Honda PCX has become one of the best sellers in our country on its own merits. And it is not surprising considering that it has a motor prepared for Euro 5 of 12 CV water-cooled and weighing 130 kg, making it one of the most agile in its class. If to that you add a sale price of only 3,150 euros, you have the formula made.

But it is that it offers much more, since in its latest update it has incorporated the HSTC Selectable Torque Control and its rear suspension has increased travel, from 84 mm in the previous model to 95 mm in the current one. To all this we must include the Smart Key keyless start or the 30.4 liters of cargo that it offers under your seat, in which we can store a full face helmet without major problems.

Yamaha NMax 125

Yamaha NMax 125

The Yamaha NMAx is another of those motorcycles that are always present in the rankings of the best sellers in our market. And it is one of those scooters that perfectly fit the needs of day-to-day travel. It has a mechanics cooled by water and prepared for Euro 5 with a maximum power of 12.2 hp and 11.2 Nm of torque engine, figures that make it move with enough agility in urban environments.

In addition, technologically it has traction control, ABS and keyless start system. To all this must be added two glove compartments under the handlebars (one with a 12 V outlet), a capacity under the seat of 23 liters and three different body colors. All this for a price that starts at 3,299 euros.

Kymco Agility City 125

Kymco Agility City 125

The Taiwanese brand has one of its best-sellers par excellence in this scooter. And it is that with a price starting at 2,299 euros, this motorcycle is able to offer us an engine adapted for Euro 5 with 9 HP of power, which although they seem scarce, its condition as a high-wheel scooter (16 inches) means that we can move with it with great ease through the streets of the city.

Its good work is complemented by superb reliability, a flat floor on which to transport things without complications, storage capacity under the seat or LED position lights. In addition, for its body it includes a new blue color that joins the brown and white that it already had. Thanks to its price, the Kymco Agility City 125 becomes one of the most attractive product on the market.

SYM Symphony ST 125

SYM Symphony ST 125

The Taiwanese brand SYM has renewed (and improved) one of its most successful scooters in the last year. We are talking about the SYM Symphony ST 125, a high-wheel scooter that is committed to providing the maximum technology and the best equipment with the best quality / price ratio. Thus we find a SOHC engine with liquid cooling and improved electronic injection that has managed to raise its maximum power from 11.2 to 12.6 hp at 8,000 rpm, while its torque now reaches 11.5 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

Another feature that stands out about this model is its cargo capacity, with space under its seat for two open helmets or one full face and the possibility of accessing its LC version that includes an additional 33-liter trunk as standard. To all this we must add LED lights, digital control panel with LCD technology or a USB 3.0 charging socket for a price of up to 2,499 euros (2,999 if we opt for its top-of-the-range LC version).

Piaggio MP3 Sport Advance 500

Piaggio MP3 500

We change third now and we move to another type of scooter, which although they are worth us for urban displacements, these stand out more on intercity routes and getaways. Although there are people who do not know it, some models of three wheels (which not all) are homologated with the L5e category.

This means that are compatible with the driving license of car as long as they meet a series of conditions. These conditions are to have a brake pedal that acts on both axles, some indicators that protrude from the body, as well as a parking brake and a minimum width of the front axle of 460 mm. With these requirements we have the first on the list and the forerunner of this trend, the Piaggio Mp3.

The Piaggio MP3 500 HPE can be considered today as the most advanced three-wheel scooter in the world, the most powerful and safest model that, among all its technology, includes a reverse gear to facilitate parking, multimedia system to link the mobile phone with its screen and multi-map electronic throttle system "Ride-by-Wire".

Its 44.2 hp liquid-cooled, electronic injection High Performance Engine engine has improved torque at low revs in its latest update, ensuring a smooth ride at any speed. Has three-channel Continental ABS which joins the ASR (Acceleration Slip Regulation) traction control. Of course, all these benefits have a price that starts at 10,455 euros.

Peugeot Metropolis 400

Peugeot Metropilis 400

The Peugeot Metropolis 400 is the three-wheeled version of the French scooter that enhances the sporty character of the brand from the lion with aesthetic details and a new motorcycle-type handlebar. Available in three versions (Active, Allure and the high-capacity SW), in 2021 it has received a complete renovation of image and accessories that enhance its character.

Like the double adjustable gas rear shock absorber, the flat aluminum floor, the "naked" type handlebar, the short smoked windshield and the specific color of this Satin Titanium version. Electronically it has LED daytime running light, a control panel with two analog dials and a new one in between 5-inch TFT digital display with i-Connect, which allows us to connect a smartphone via Bluetooth with which to manage incoming calls, partially view messages or show us GPS indications.

It debuts a new Euro 5 engine that claims to remain the most powerful in the 400 category, with 36 hp and 38.1 Nm of torque. The prices of the Peugeot Metropolis 400 are 8,799 euros for the Active finish and 9,399 euros for the Allure.

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