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The seven most interesting naked socks for the A2 license in 2021: from the Yamaha MT-07 to the Ducati Monster
The seven most interesting naked socks for the A2 license in 2021: from the Yamaha MT-07 to the Ducati Monster

Naked bikes have become a segment of the most competitive. In it we can find motorcycles of all sizes and colors since the brands, knowing the vein they have, take advantage of the occasion to take models related to these designs.

However, we are going to look at this time best naked stockings for the A2 card that we can find in the market. Usual brands such as Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki cannot be absent but we have some more. Do you want to know them? Well, keep reading that we tell you everything.

Honda CB650R

Honda CB650R

Since Honda completely renewed the image of its Honda CB650R and gave it that classic touch that they call Neo Sport Café in 2018, this model has become a best seller. In its last update it received changes to its four-cylinder engine to be able to exceed Euro 5, however it did not lose any of its power (going up to the 94 hp) and improved its maximum torque, taking it to 63 Nm at 9,500 rpm.

In addition, it is limited to the A2 license, which makes it a safe bet if what you are looking for is a reliable motorcycle with which to start riding. Available in four colors (Smoky Pearl Gray, Gunpowder Matte Metallic Black, Chromosphere Candy Red and Matte Jeans Blue Metallic) its price starts at the 8,250 euros. For power, performance and ease of handling, the Honda CB650R has many positive points despite being the second most expensive on this list.

Yamaha MT-07

Yamaha MT-07

With more than 125,000 units sold, the Yamaha MT-07 It has held the number one spot in the naked class since its launch. By 2021, the MT-07 suffered a radical change compared to the previous generation, including a distinctive new body with two fin-type air intakes and a new compact LED headlight that projects a futuristic Y-shaped front end.

All this without abandoning the characteristic style of the latest hyper naked models of the Iwata brand. Although the change has not been to everyone's liking, it continues to have many incentives to be crowned among the best. It has a 690cc Euro 5 homologated parallel twin CP2 engine capable of delivering 73, 4 CV and 67 Nm of torque.

To this must be added a compact and lightweight chassis and extraordinary versatility. Like the Honda, its engine is limited to the A2 license and its starting price starts at the 6,999 euros, being available in three different colors (Storm Fluo, Icon Blue and Tech Black). It is light, fast and the second cheapest … What more could you ask for?

Kawasaki z650

Kawasaki Z650 2022 6

The Kawasaki z650 It is one of the most interesting A2 license-ready motorcycles on the market. And it is that thanks to its 649 cc parallel twin engine capable of generating 68 hp power at 8,000 rpm with a maximum torque of 65.7 Nm at 6,500 rpm, it is postulated as that first big bike for those who have just gotten their license or as that "playful" motorcycle for the experienced rider.

In addition, this same year they presented two variants that complemented the basic equipment of the Kawasaki Z650, called Sport or Performance, and characterized by including a tank protector, a smoked screen, seat cowl and Akrapovič exhaust. Available in three color options: Metallic Flat Spark Black - Candy Lime Green / Metallic Spark Black - Pearl Robotic White / Metallic Matte Graphenesteel Gray, its price part of 7,399 euros.

Triumph Trident 660

Triumph Trident 660

With contemporary aesthetics, a multi-role approach and a three-cylinder engine, the Triumph Trident 660 It came to fill a gap, that of the mid-cylinder naked, in the British brand's range. And so far it has not gone bad. Thanks to its engine 81 hp at 10,250 rpm and a torque of 64 Nm at 6,250 rpm, the enthusiast has been able to count on a bike with a unique character in which the immediacy of its torque stands out from low laps, making it extremely agile and fun, even for less expert hands.

Compatible with the A2 validation, it has a completely new chassis, Showa suspensions of the highest quality and Nissin brake equipment. Available in four colors (Crystal White, Sapphire Black, Matt Jet Black and Silver Ice and Silver Ice Diablo Red) its price for our part market of the 8,445 euros. The British has fallen in love with us for its beauty, its finishes and its engine, although it is clear that this is paid, since it is the most expensive of the entire comparison.

Suzuki SV650

Sv650am1 Action01

Born in 1999, the Suzuki sv 650 It was a revolution in the world of motorcycles by wanting to serve for everything, becoming the germ of the segment naked with medium displacements that we are dealing with today. His philosophy has not changed over time and today we find ourselves a very balanced bike designed for everything and everyone. On an aesthetic level, it has a classic silhouette with the bare tubular chassis.

Mechanically, its powertrain has recently been brought up to date to meet the exacting Euro 5 standard. Its engine remains a 645cc V-twin with power up to 74 hp and a torque of 64 Nm. Electronically it has driving assistance systems such as ABS, Low RPM Assist or the Easy Start System.

Available in three colors: Matte Black Metallic, Glossy Frosted Black / Glossy Pearl White or Glossy Frosted Black. The Suzuki SV 650 is priced part of the 6,595 euros, thus becoming one of the cheapest naked on the market.

Benelli 752S


The Benelli 752S It has been the last model to arrive of all of them, but that does not mean that it lacks incentives. With a current aesthetic with classic reminiscences, it has a 750 cc two-cylinder four-stroke engine, cooled by water with a power of 77 hp at 8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 67 Nm at 6,500 rpm. A propeller that, like the rest of the motorcycles in this comparison, can be enabled for the A2 license by limiting its power to 48 HP.

To stand up to this extremely tough segment, the Benelli 752S has top quality components such as suspensions signed by Marzocchi or the braking equipment signed by Brembo. Available in three colors, green, white and black, its price starts from the 7,799 euros, Cost that will drop to 7,299 euros in the case of those who acquire it limited to be able to drive it with the A2 license.

Ducati monster

Ducati monster

The Ducati monster It is another of those motorcycles that in its latest update has gone from being loved to having detractors and all because in its evolution it has left behind the tubular chassis in favor of an aluminum Front Frame inspired by those used by the Panigale. Controversial aside, these changes have led to a weight loss of 18 kg, making its weight / power ratio the best in the comparison.

To move around, it has the same bicycliclndric engine that drives the Multistrada 950 or SuperSport 950. A propeller capable of generating 111 hp and 93 Nm of torque for a weight of 188 kg. Almost nothing. But in addition, it is completed by a high-end Brembo brake system, Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires and the latest technology capable of giving us three different driving modes. As if this were not enough, it is homologated to drive with the A2 license, becoming one of the most complete motorcycles in the comparison.

Available in three different colors: Ducati Red with black rims, Aviator Gray with red rims, and "Dark Stealth" matte black with black rims. Your price of departure is 11,599 euros although it has a superior version called Ducati Monster Plus, which differs from the standard model by incorporating a new, more aerodynamic screen and a cover for the passenger seat as standard equipment.

Yamaha Yamaha

Yamaha's darker side revolutionizes an icon again. Discover the MT-09 model. With the You Easy Go financing plan you can have it from € 125 per month.

Discover it Advice offered by the brand

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