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This is how Waze works, the community GPS that avoids motorcycle traffic jams and competes against Google Maps
This is how Waze works, the community GPS that avoids motorcycle traffic jams and competes against Google Maps

Summer trips are the order of the day. Who else who less, takes advantage of the good temperatures to make a getaway with their partner, family, friends … but to do it before You have to know how to get to your destination in the easiest way and, if possible, without setbacks..

Waze is an application that will help you to achieve it. Its operation is simple and intuitive and includes options that not even the almighty Google Maps has, and all thanks to the community. The application is free and available for both Android and iOS.

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Waze is a tool that effectively merges satellite navigation and social relationships. This is possible thanks to the fact that the application uses its platform as a kind of social network in which drivers can inform users of the state of the roads they use on a regular basis.

Despite the messiness of the explanation, the fundamental idea is that if you do the same route every day you can warn the community where there are works, congested traffic or accidents so they can avoid it. The most advantageous thing about this application compared to others is that the more users use it, the more precise it becomes, thus avoiding downtime on your motorcycle or car.

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Thanks to this, the navigation tool can give us the most accurate estimated route times. But the app is not only in the navigation and in the notices, also can offer us services en route, we can connect other applications to work simultaneously such as Spotify or we can even configure it to give us directions with voices of famous people like Boy George.

Its iconography is very diverse and fun and gives us the option of customizing both your own avatar and that of your car. Its use is simple and practical, both when calculating a route in the shortest possible time and when warning of any problem.


To navigate you will only have to put the destination you want to go to in its search box and press enter.. Once this is done, a screen will appear with the distance we cover, the best times to leave and the map with the route and its warnings. If we give it to go now, the directions to follow with your arrow and the map will appear directly.

If what we want is to introduce a notice, it is as easy as touch the orange icon that appears at the bottom right of our navigation screen, look for the symbol of what we want to report and give it to accept. In this way we will have warned the community in an easy, fast and simple way of the possible danger, work or retention that occurs in a certain place.

Users who do this type of help will earn points for participating in the app, which encourages more recurring use and obtaining certain privileges. Privileges that are measured in a ranking within the community in which we increase our position the more kilometers we do using it.

Also, among many other options, lets us plan routes and save them within the application itself to carry them out later, store your favorite locations and even customize your routes when you think necessary.

Its possibilities are endless, as long as this news is getting. So I'm going to leave it here. Another day we talked about the tool with which you can share a vehicle called Carpool that belongs to Waze and how it developed in the community.

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