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Amazon Prime Day 2021: the best deals on motorcycle equipment and accessories 22
Amazon Prime Day 2021: the best deals on motorcycle equipment and accessories 22

Today is the second and last day of Amazon Prime Day 2021. A day full of offers and discounts on thousands of products where we can find interesting offers for cars and motorcycles at a lower price than usual.

Offers are intended for Amazon Prime customers, and we are going to highlight the best products and with the biggest discounts. We will update the article throughout the day based on the incoming and outgoing offers, so there may be variations.

Motorcycle accessories

Amazon Prime Day 2021

The emergency signs V16 that can replace the signaling triangles in the future are also put on sale. This beacon with a headlamp was already lowered to 16.42, but its price adjusted further: 14.95 euros.

There are also other V16 emergency light formats such as this pack of two that goes from costing 14.99 to 11.91 euros, the package of three units from 19, 49 to 15, 59 euros, or the option of six of 32, 99 to 25, 99 euros.

If what we want is to have our motorcycle located at all times we can choose this GPS locator with a 5,000 mAh battery and a free application that cost 50 euros and now stays at 40 euros.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 Moto 1

For those who have a motorcycle with a wide handlebar and want a more relaxed position, they can opt for these handlebar risers of 22 mm that go from 22, 71 to 15, 19 euros.

And to keep the bike safe during a long season we also have this sheath XXL size (265x125x105 cm) for 22.39 euros of the 27.99 euros it cost.

If you are to do long routes in company and you are looking for a intercom, this pair of Fodsports M1S Pro with the capacity to connect up to eight devices is lowered from 159, 99 to 114, 39 euros.

Motorcycle and car tools

Amazon Prime Day 2021 1

East charger / maintainer 2A of Noco car and motorcycle batteries is perfect to have in the garage, its price drops from 44.04 to 30.39 euros. Another equally interesting option is the small Genius1EU of the same brand with 1A and suitable for 12 and 6 V batteries, whose price falls from 45.95 to 32.16 euros.

But since we never know when the motorcycle battery can give us a dislike, we can also opt for a starter and there are many on offer. We have the 18,000 mAh Gooloo with multiple charging ports, USB, clamps and a low flashlight from 50, 99 to 47, 99 euros, or something cheaper, the waterproof 12,000 mAh Yaber starter with IP66 protection that goes from cost 39, 94 to 37, 59 euros.

For those of us who like to mess around, we have this key on offer dynamometric from 5 to 25 Nm reduced from 30, 58 to 28, 78 euros.

Cleaning tools and accessories

Amazon Prime Day 2021

If you have space and the possibility of using it, a pressure washer It can be a great ally in cleaning our motorcycle. This professional option with a gasoline engine and 3,000 W of power from Goodyear drops from 399.99 to 319.99 euros. Big words.

To give our mount the mark of love Glaart cleaning products The belt can also be adjusted with multiple packs of chamois like this one that goes from 18, 52 to 12, 79 euros or the pack of two microfiber cloths from 12, 56 to 8, 69 euros. They also offer us three lowered polishing pads from 9, 42 to 6, 29 euros or the six-pack from 13, 29 to 8, 99 euros.

Glaart products on sale also include specific washing sponges (from 8, 10 to 5, 59 euros), two drying cloths (from 13, 16 to 8, 49 euros) or a paint care set (from 14, 63 to 9, 89 euros).

For leather seats and technical garments of the same material there are also products on offer, like this leather conditioner of 0.24 liters reduced from 26.95 to 18.52 euros.

Items for motorcycle getaways

Amazon Prime Day 2021

For any emergency, a multitool that will allow us to get out of more than one trouble never hurts, like these pliers with 18 functions Reduced from 22.99 to 15.99 euros or if you are one of those who get lost in nature this survival knife drops from 19.99 to 13.59 euros.

And if you usually go to the circuit or get lost in the middle of nowhere for long periods with more people, a little shelter is always nice like this 3x3 meter folding tent that goes down from 89.90 to 69.95 euros.

Action cameras and gadgets

Amazon Prime Day 2021

This kit of GoPro Hero8 Black With Shorty and head strap the price is adjusted from 342.99 to 279 euros.

If you are one of those who like to immortalize trips to remote places, this drone with two cameras it is lowered from 99, 99 to 67, 31 euros. It records in 4K, has an autonomy of 24 minutes with each battery (includes two), remote control with support for the mobile and all in a 22 cm and 500 grams case to carry in a suitcase or backpack.

The TomTom Rider 500 motorcycle GPS It is already a classic and goes from costing 399.99 to 249.95 euros. It has a 4.3-inch screen, WiFi and compatibility with Google Now and Traffic, in addition to including 49 maps and information on speed cameras.

Discounts on consoles, video games and peripherals

Amazon Prime Day 2021 1

For this Amazon Prime Day the boys of Thrustmaster They have put the batteries and they bring us a battery of offers. The prestigious TS-XW Racer Sparco P310 Competition Mod steering wheel and pedal kit for Xbox One and PC drops from 699.99 euros to 558.99 euros, but there is much more.

The TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition with low pedal board for Xbox from 449, 99 to 299, 99 euros, the T150RS with pedal board stays at 199, 99 euros, the TMX with two pedal board low from 199, 99 to 129, 99 euros and the simpler T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition for PS4 and PC goes from 109.99 to 99.99 euros.

But without a doubt the most interesting purchase may be the Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback with triple pedal board which stays at 199, 99 euros of the 339, 98 euros it cost.

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