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The basic safety rules to ride on a circuit with your motorcycle without ending in tragedy
The basic safety rules to ride on a circuit with your motorcycle without ending in tragedy

Many times we have already talked about how useful it is enter the circuit with your motorcycle whenever you want / you can, with no other aspirations than to have fun and learn, no matter how new you are. However, that reality sometimes comes face to face with the security that we would think admissible, even if it is a closed-circuit competition.

Why is it good to ride on a track?

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Riding on a circuit is one of the safest, most fun and productive activities that we can do on our motorcycle. Entering to do a few runs is relatively cheap, even running an amateur race, but above all it is very formative since it gives us an idea of ​​what we can do or not do on our saddle and makes us safer motorcyclists on the road.

We learn to know how the mechanics react by going faster than we can go on the road, how the tires behave, the capacity of the braking equipment or the language of the tires when we are close to their grip limit.

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A major knowledge of our limitations or those of our motorcycle helps us put certain behaviors into perspective, but today the limit of motorcycles is well above that of the vast majority of mortals. In other words, because we have a sports bike we are not going to know how to ride like a professional, we have to learn, and that must be done in optimal safety conditions.

Riding on the track is always fun, it is always practical and it is always instructive, but you have to respect minimum safety measures and behavior on the track.

This is not the case with the video that we bring you today. YouTube user Alex Vaipan some time ago uploaded to his channel a sequence of a day of racing within a championship for non-professional drivers. Come on, fans like you or me. The result was a situation not all the sure That would have been ideal.

In the comments Alex assures that it is about the most delicate moments in which it was doubled consecutively in the three races that it disputed that day. He also ensures that on his first outing on the track he suffered a fall at a circuit where it was his second day and that was why he was not riding faster.

In any case, there are other riders with his pace or a pace lower than his, but neither he nor the slowest riders on that grid were to blame. That organization was not appropriate since the difference in level between the fastest and the slowest drivers led to dangerous situations.

That a pilot much faster than you overtakes you in a one-on-one circuit is a breeze, although overtaking always poses a certain danger. When we talk about a group that overtakes another almost simultaneously, things are very different because the risk multiplies exponentially.

That chill that runs down the back of your neck when you are overtaken at a speed much higher than yours is nothing more than a survival instinct telling you that there is something wrong.

By unexpectedly overtaking a rider with a much slower pace in the way they overtake him in this video (on both sides indistinctly and at the same time, so close and so fast), the advance tends to get scared (logical), being able to perform some kind of more or less improvised maneuver and generating an even more dangerous situation for the rest of the users of the track.

Always remember the rules of coexistence on the track, whether you are a novice or very pro

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If you have ever seen yourself in a situation or think that you may see yourself in a similar situation, try to stay calm and do things well on your part, staying to one side and maintaining a fluid line in addition to not making sudden changes in direction or pace.

On the other hand, if you are one of those experienced pilots who go like a shot, when you share asphalt with someone who is much slower than you try not to overwhelm them. It's a safety issue, so give it space, do not pass too close or be in a hurry to get the motorcycle. You're probably not gambling a seat in MotoGP.

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Now, and more importantly, if you are an event organizer, try to join the fast with the fast and the slow with the slow. It doesn't matter that a group of friends want to shoot together if there is a lot of difference in pace between them; segregate and you will save on dislikes. And if we are talking about organizing a race, the minimum times are for something, 120% of the faster time (for example) should represent the cut between those pilots who can share a track and those who cannot.

Many commentators accused Vaipan of being little more than a moving cone, making fun of his abilities. Alex was doing what he liked best in safe conditions and exploring his limits so criticism is not appropriate. Yes, on the other hand, it is criticizable that that day the organization did things so lightly.

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