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The Triumph Speed ​​Twin is reinforced with 100 hp, more powerful brakes and an improved cycle part, from 13,500 euros
The Triumph Speed ​​Twin is reinforced with 100 hp, more powerful brakes and an improved cycle part, from 13,500 euros

They are not leaving an untouched model at Hinckley. Taking advantage of the arrival of the Euro 5, the Triumphs are updating their entire range, and one of the last models that remained to pass through here was the Triumph Speed ​​Twin.

This retro-styled naked catches up to more than cosmetic changes and engine tweaks, because the cycle part also receives a series of modifications that make it even more complete and at the same time effective.

Triumph Speed ​​Twin: same style, but even better

Triumph Speed ​​Twin 2021 017

After a handful of decades of absence, in 2018 the Triumph Speed ​​Twin as a model with a strong personality: a roadster that exudes British flair and does not renounce lively driving. It is precisely in this aspect that Triumph has given its Speed ​​Twin a plus.

Because no, aesthetically there are hardly any changes to the model, beyond those inherent to the technical modifications that have been made and the adoption of three different color schemes. Yes there are ergonomic changes with a wider riser handlebar and repositioned footpegs to load more weight on the front end. The seat remains at an accessible height: 809 mm.

Triumph Speed ​​Twin 2021 011

The engine is the same parallel twin used in the Bonneville but with a specific set-up. It is a 1,200 cc block with four valves per cylinder to which a diet has been applied to lighten the crankshaft and get 17% less inertia for a more lively response.

The compression ratio has increased from 11.0: 1 to 12.1: 1, achieving increase the power figure from 97 to 100 hp while the engine torque remains at a good 112 Nm. In addition, the power figure is delivered 500 revolutions above, now at 7,250 rpm.

Triumph Speed ​​Twin 2021 005

The exhaust line is also new, with a sporty look and slightly raised at the rear. They are shaped like a megaphone, while the catalyst is hidden in the manifolds to keep a clean image.

The front axle has been strengthened, abandoning the previous 41mm conventional fork for a new one 43mm diameter inverted Marzocchi. The rear axle maintains its configuration with a double shock absorber adjustable in preload. Both trains retain the 120 mm travel.

Triumph Speed ​​Twin 2021 004

Another substantial change is in the fork dropouts. The brake team ups its bet with a 320mm double disc bitten by Brembo M50 four-piston monobloc radial calipers, much better equipped than before that mounted 305 mm discs with axial calipers also from the Italian brand. At the rear, a 220 mm disc with a double piston caliper.

These changes also imply a variation in the geometries, with a shorter wheelbase (1,413 vs 1,430 mm), a tighter launch of the steering (22.3º, 0.5º less) and a 91.5 mm advance (2 mm less). The alloy wheels have also changed their design for a lighter architecture with 12 arms, while retaining the size of the Metzeler Racetec RR tires: 120 / 70-17 and 160 / 60-17. The curb weight is 216 kg.

Triumph Speed ​​Twin 2021 007

Technologically speaking, the Speed ​​Twin already had an electronic throttle, but the electronic management has been updated for a better response of driving modes (Sport, Road and Rain) as well as traction control (can be switched off).

Other remarkable elements of the model is the full LED lighting with DRL, assisted clutch and anti-bounce, a USB socket under the seat, immobilizer integrated in the key or tire pressure control (optional).

Triumph Speed ​​Twin 2021 019

The price of the Triumph Speed ​​Twin is 13,500 euros for Jet Black version and 13,700 euros for the Matt Storm Gray and Red Hopper, a subtle price increase, since uqe the previous Speed ​​Twin cost 13,100 and 13,400 euros depending on the chosen decoration.

A price that places it well below the 16,060 euros of the BMW nineT and very close to the Kawasaki Z900 RS, which starts at 13,199 euros.

Triumph Speed ​​Twin 2021 - Technical sheet

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