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Here are seven useful applications to create routes and organize motorcycle trips with your mobile
Here are seven useful applications to create routes and organize motorcycle trips with your mobile

Let's imagine it is a wonderful spring day. The sun is shining, we have the bike tuned, we have checked the pressures of our wheels and we are ready to go on the road. And now, where do we go and where? Normally a few years ago we would take a physical map and dedicate ourselves to researching which would be the best path and then writing it down. It was a cumbersome process that took more time than we wanted.

Luckily now we have the technology of our hand and there are several Applications in the market with which we can navigate, plan and create our itinerary at our whim. Below we make a list of seven applications with which we can go riding with our motorcycle without losing the north.

Tire to travel: free basic package

Hobby biker Jan Boersma created this software in 2006 and has been developing and improving it ever since. Tire To Travel is a program that we can download on our pc and on our smartphone. From there we will be able configure routes and points very intuitively through which we want to pass with our motorcycles.

It has a section called Route library in which we are allowed to consult the routes that other users have done of the application. Once we have chosen the one that interests us the most, we can reproduce it on our mobile.

There is free basic package and also another professional from My Route app (the evolution of Tire to travel), which costs money: from € 70 to € 139 depending on the package we buy (30% discount included), and with which we can search for optimized routes, check points of interest (POI), create tourist routes, send routes to the iPhone or search for more off-road routes.

Kurviger: free basic version and 10 euros for the Pro

This application is designed specifically for bikers who want to go out with their two-wheeled toys and don't want to waste time seeing where there are more or less curves. Kurviger is a route planner that select for us the more or less twisty areas to go from point A to B, without us entering boring roads or cities. Thus, we will focus on what we want, which is driving.

With Kurviger We can discover new destinations and mountain areas with three route options: the fastest, a fast and curvy one, and an itinerary with extra curves. There is a free version and also a Pro for 10 euros, which includes offline maps, voice navigation, zip code search, and no ads, among other options.

Wikiloc: free or premium version for 10 euros

Wikiloc is a web and a very complete navigation application that allows us to record the routes we do and also consult those that have already been created by other users. You must register before you can use it. From there we can take advantage of its tool with filters organized by activity, unevenness, distance and other parameters. From two-wheeled vehicles to motor we can find motorcycling routes, trail bike, quad, trial bike and enduro bike. It has caught our attention that there are routes even for mountain unicycles (one-wheel cycle), for hydrofoils or even for traveling by camel.

It is available in both the App Store and Google Play. One part is free and the other part is Wikiloc Premium option (annual package for 10 euros), it is an optional purchase within the app: it allows you to explore and discover the routes near us and follow them with navigation aids such as Heading indicator, compass or audible alerts that warn us in the event that we move away from the route, and all this without the need to have data on our phone.

Sygic: free with add-ons for 6 euros

With Sygic we can navigate using the GPS of our mobile and we can do it with the map in 3D (or in 2D), in which we the most emblematic buildings of each city will appear like the Colosseum (Rome) or Westminster Abbey (London).

Although we don't have internet connection we can navigate with their maps. The application offers updated information on fuel prices, allows you to find parking and warns of radars placed on the road. It is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

The basic functions of Sygic do not cost money. However, with a premium license we will have access to other add-ons such as a Head-up Display (€ 5.99) in which the information from the mobile phone or a dashcam (5, 99 euros) It continuously records the video of the last 5 minutes of driving. There are also other packages ranging from 12 euros to 20 euros that vary depending on whether they include information on the real-time traffic and world map coverage.

Waze: free

Waze is a free application with which we can check traffic alerts and maps, in addition to allowing us to navigate and reach a destination with the GPS. Because it is a community app, its users can update what is happening on the road to have up-to-the-minute information not only on traffic, but also on construction sites, police or accidents.

This app can change the route if there is a problem to save us time. It suggests which is the cheapest gas station during our journey and we can listen to music and podcasts with the Waze Audio Placer. It can be downloaded from both Google Play (compatible with Android Auto) and the App Store. According to its website, there are already about 100 million drivers who use it.

Google Maps: free

Google Maps, an application that belongs to Alphabet Inc., has been with us for 14 years and is possibly the most complete of our entire list. With it we can navigate, create routes through points on the map, consult maps of the world with and without connection in 2D and 3D, calculate a route according to time and distance, view the map from a satellite and endless of more options.

We can also know the traffic in real time, share our location and even consult in "Your chronology" the routes that we have done over time. It is available on both Google Play and the App Store and is free, although it does contain ads.

Copilot: free basic version

Copilot is an application with which you can navigate with GPS without the need for a network connection. It offers three route alternatives and offers information on its duration and mileage. It will calculate our arrival time based on road speed limits, traffic and road conditions.

Allows you to search for parking lots, gas stations, hotels, restaurants and other types of locations. With the guidance of a voice we will be able to know the speed limits of the road we are on and the traffic alerts. It is available for both Android and iOS. The app download is free but only allows a 14-day browsing trial voice guidance, route planning and traffic consultation. As that time passes, it is necessary to subscribe to a package that goes from 10 euros to 110 euros.

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