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Nine basic tips to pass the first ITV of the motorcycle without drama
Nine basic tips to pass the first ITV of the motorcycle without drama

We already have the license, our motorcycle, the insurance, the equipment and we are ready to go out on the road and enjoy the road, but what about ITV?, Do we have it past? This is something that must be taken into account when having the motorcycle completely in order and there are bikers, especially the newer ones, who have never gone through this procedure.

It is not exactly a tedious or long-lasting procedure, but it is always good to know what we need and what are they going to take into account to give us the fit and be able to continue circulating with our motorcycle legally.

Time to pass the ITV, are we ready?

Pass Itv Moto

When the time comes to pass the ITV we have to realize that we are not the only ones who have a motorcycle, and that many more people pass it every day, so, if you have the possibility, the best thing is make an appointment at the station where you plan to pass the Vehicle Technical Inspection.

Once there, and when the technician begins the inspection, we can find that our motorcycle has some flaws that would not allow it to be suitable for continuing to circulate on the roads. Depending on the severity, the defects may be:

  • Minor defects (DL) that do not have a significant effect on the safety of the vehicle or protection of the environment and with which the vehicle can circulate temporarily.

  • Serious defects (DG) that decrease the safety conditions of the vehicle, put other users of public roads or the protection of the environment at risk.

  • Very serious defects (DMG) that constitute a direct and immediate risk to road safety.

Checking the documentation

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First of all, you must be clear about the documentation that you are going to request to be able to pass the inspection: the Vehicle registration certificate and ITV card or technical data sheet. This is where we can find the first defects, which to make it a bit clearer for you are classified as follows:

With the documents in hand, the technician in charge of passing the inspection of our motorcycle, is in charge of visually check that all the data of the chassis number, registration, brand and denomination coincide with those that are reflected.

Pass Itv Moto

The non-existence, defects of condition or the mismatch of the chassis number with the one that appears in the documentation, would be a serious defect. In the case of license plates, the list of defects is somewhat more extensive, in such a way that a state defect that prevents legibility or a defective fixation is considered a slight defect, but not to carry license plates or that the numbers do not match, to carry plates that are not regulatory or that are adorned, to carry them placed in a site that is not correct or on a device that modifies its orientation, will be cause for a serious defect.

Chassis and body

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Once all the documentation has been reviewed, it will be the turn of a visual inspection of both the bodywork and the chassis of the motorcycle. At this point, it will be verified that there is no defects that may affect the integrity of the motorcycle or to the safety of people.

In this section, attention is paid to defects in the condition of the body or chassis such as oxidation or corrosion, the existence of sharp or sharp edges, the faulty fixing of the fairing, or everything related to the fenders that will represent a serious defect. It does not have a fuel tank cap or it may be accidentally opened, not having a footrest or that it is defective, or not having an easel, will also be a reason for a serious defect.

Rear-view mirrors

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The mirrors are another point to take into account when we are going to pass the ITV of our motorcycle. By construction we can find motorcycles that do not exceed 100 km / h and that they only need a rear view mirror obligatorily on the left side, or those that if they exceed said speed and it is mandatory to have two mirrors, left and right. And of course all must be approved.

The absence of any of the mandatory mirrors, that they are not placed in their regulatory location, that the mirror surface is defective or that its fixation is not adequate and may detach, will lead to a serious defect.

Tire condition

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Tires is another thing that ITV inspectors are going to emphasize. Not only is it enough to bring the drawing within the marked limits, you have to take more things into account such as, for example, that it has the approval mark, that the dimensions coincide with those that appear in the technical sheet or are equivalent or that the load capacity index and speed category are adequate. In addition, they will visually inspect that they have the minimum depth, that there are blisters or breaks, that there are no exposed wires or cracks and that the assembly is correct.

Depth, dimensions and approval are the basic aspects that will control our tires

Failure to comply with any of these points will have an immediate impact on our list of defects when passing the Technical Inspection of Vehicles and in almost all occasions we will note a serious defect, except in cases where the tire is so defective that there is a risk of blowout, that the cables are exposed, that there are cracks or that it has symptoms of breakage of the casing, in that case the defect will be very serious.

Lighting and signaling

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Lights are mandatory on all motorcycles and it is advisable to take a look at them before going to pass the ITV to make sure that they all work correctly and we do not get a scare when the technician inspects their correct operation. We must necessarily bring the front and rear position light, the dipped beam, the road light, two indicators at the front and two at the rear, the brake light, the license plate light and a rear reflector that is not triangular.

Here is everything we are going to mention would be a serious defect in the inspection: non-regulatory number of lights, the low beam does not work, carry some non-regulatory or non-approved light, that the switching between road and cross is not regulatory, that the orientation of the low beam is too high, that the intensity of all the lights on is not correct or that when activating the lights operation control some non-regulatory device turns on.

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In addition, in the indicators also It will be considered a serious defect if the light or the pulse frequency is almost fixed or off, that there is a risk of detachment or that the color of the light emitted is not regulatory. Along with this, we have to add that the rear brake light has to stand out over the position light when we act on the brake if we do not want to have a serious defect.

Gas analysis

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The gas test measure the carbon monoxide content that come out of our exhaust pipe. They will visually check that everything is in good condition and does not have leaks and that there is no missing element in the system.

For the test, the engine must be warm and the probe inserted into the exhaust pipe as far as is allowed. The measurement will be made with the engine idling and the value will be taken once it has stabilized on the meter display. With the data provided by the manufacturer, it will be verified that the CO limit is not exceeded and if the data is not available, 4.5 volume% CO cannot be exceeded for motorcycles without catalytic converter or of 0.5% in the event that if it had catalyst. Failure to pass this test for an excess volume of carbon monoxide will result in a serious defect.

Test on the brake bench

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The braking test is another of the critical points in ITV. Before having to go to pass it, we have to check the tire pressures and make sure they have tread and the condition of both the discs and the pads. The latter is not just because we have to pass the inspection without failures, it is because it is one of the main safety elements when riding a motorcycle.

Depending on the defects that we have had, we can take the motorcycle running or mounted on a crane

When performing the test, the braking of the wheels will be checked, the braking progression, that there is no abnormal delay in the operation of the wheels, that there is some braking force when we are not using the brake, its effectiveness and the state of the elements that make up the motorcycle's braking system.

Pass Itv Moto 8

For motorcycles, braking efficiency must be at least 50%. Not reaching that efficiency, having an abnormal delay in the operation of the brakes on any of the wheels, the wheels braking in some way without us activating the service brake, or having a non-slip surface on the brake lever, If the movement and return of the brake lever or lever is inadequate or that it is broken, it will be a serious defect.

Noise measurement

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Now we come to one of those tests that generates so much discord between user and technician: noise. In this test, the sound level emitted by our motorcycle will be measured when it is at operating temperature and with an ambient sound level below ten decibels.

With the engine running at its normal speed, a few 4,000 rpm for engines two times or 3,000 rpm for those of four times, the gas will be released and it will idle, measuring during that period of time three times. The sound level meter must be placed at a distance of 0.5 meters from the exhaust and must be parallel to the ground surface and form an angle of 45 degrees with a margin of plus or minus 10 degrees with the vertical plane in which the direction is inscribed. exhaust gas outlet.

Pass Itv Moto 17

The sound level must not exceed the maximum decibels These are obtained by adding 4 decibels to the noise emission level that appears in the vehicle documentation, the homologation form or in the tables of reference values ​​for stationary vehicles provided by the manufacturers. In the case of exceeding the maximum level of loudness allowed, a serious defect will be noted.

Have I passed the ITV? Do I have to go back?

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Depending on the type of defects with which you complete the technical inspection, we will know if we have passed the ITV or if, on the contrary, we have to return. The best case is to finish without any defect, which will mean that they will give us our sister-in-law technical sheet and our sticker that we will have to place in a visible place.

When they exist serious defects, the ITV is unfavorable and we will have to take into account that The motorcycle can only be moved to take it to the workshop and once repaired, pass the inspection again to obtain the fit in less than two months. The biggest problem comes when we have a very serious defect, since, it will imply that the transfer to the workshop will have to be done by means other than the vehicle itself and again we will have two months to return.

Having the ITV card in order will avoid us many troubles not only with the authorities, but with our insurance, because having the ITV expired implies that our insurance stops taking over in the event of an accident, and at this point is where we are going to take advantage to disprove a myth: We do not have an additional month of time since the ITV expires. to go pass it. On the day two years have passed since the last inspection, we are no longer circulating with all the documentation in order. Keep it in mind.

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