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Sublime! The Indian FTR1200 and FTR1200S are two sporty tracker with 121 hp and 100% American style
Sublime! The Indian FTR1200 and FTR1200S are two sporty tracker with 121 hp and 100% American style

After much speculation and seeing many leaks and teaser, Indian has revealed its most anticipated and groundbreaking addition: the Indian FTR1200 It has arrived and it has also done so in two different versions.

Are the FTR1200 and FTR1200S, two models with the same unquestionably American flat tracker style base. A sublime aesthetic for a custom sports car that promises strong sensations with a first-class cycle part and a 1,200 cc twin-cylinder engine tightened up to 121 HP of power.

Indian FTR1200 and FTR1200S 2019: 100% American street tracker

Indian Ftr1200s 2019 004

Being such novel motorcycles, it is difficult to choose a characteristic to start with, so we will take the most obvious as a starting point: aesthetics. The Indian FTR1200 have been faithful to the prototype which was introduced in 2017, with a deceptive sporty custom cut aesthetic worthy of the best dirt oval bikes since the 1960s.

As in the racing model, the bodywork has been reduced to a minimum. The Deposit It is a suggestive piece of classic lines but that does not contain fuel, since the real tank has been placed under the seat and inside the piece that forms the tail to improve the centering of the masses. Its capacity is 13 liters and even the battery has moved where the keel would go to make room for fuel.

Indian Ftr1200s 2019 010

As in the competition model, the air filter box and the intake are positioned just above the engine, where the Mikuni electronic injection and electronic throttle control are also enclosed.

The engine that powers these American beasts is a well-known twin cylinder, but although it resembles that of the previous Scouts it has been completely redesigned to offer a unique touch and behavior, especially with the use of a lightened crankshaft. The displacement has increased to 1,203 cubic centimeters and a delivery of 121 hp and 115 Nm torque.

Indian Ftr1200s 2019 020

These good figures are the best that a series Indian has ever achieved, and they have been achieved by raising the compression ratio to 12.5: 1. high performance cylinder heads and a double throttle body so both cylinders can breathe fully. In addition, new features such as the magnesium engine side covers have been introduced.

At the chassis level, this is the most robust multi-tube steel frame ever built by Indian for a production bike. Is a trellis type structure with aluminum subframe that includes a swingarm with upper reinforcements.

Indian Ftr1200s 2019 025

The tires made of cast aluminum that equip the Indian FTR1200 and FTR1200S reinforce the image of an American tracker, with a 19 "front rim and an 18" rear rim with 120 / 70R19 and 150 / 80R18 tires.

The braking equipment is identical on both models and is worthy of a sports bike rather than a custom one. The most radical Indians are fitted with 320 mm discs with radially mounted monobloc brake calipers and four pistons, all signed by Brembo.

Indian Ftr1200s 2019 002

The differences between the two versions start in the suspensions. Both the Indian FTR1200 and the FTR1200S have 43 mm inverted forks and rear monoshock, but while in the normal model there are no adjustments possible at the front, in the S version they can be adjusted in compression, preload and rebound. The rear shock of the FTR1200 allows adjustment in preload and compression, while the FTR1200S equips a unit with separate gas tank and adjustment in preload, compression and rebound.

Another of the most differentiating points between both models is the electronic section. While on the Indian FTR1200 the dashboard is a classic style circular watch, the FTR1200S sports a Majestic 4.3 "touch TFT digital dashboard with Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging port and customizable interface among its options.

Indian Ftr1200s 2019 017

Behind this digital box is a digital section that offers traction control, driving modes (Sport, Standard and Rain), antiwheelie or the possibility of disconnecting the ABS. What both models do equip is cruise control.

At the moment we do not know the availability of the Indian FTR1200 and FTR1200S in Europe, but we are looking forward to it reaching our market to be able to get our hands on these beautiful Americans at a price of 14,690 euros for the FTR1200 and 15,990 euros for the FTR1200S.

Indian Ftr1200s 2019 003

Indian FTR1200 and FTR1200S 2019 - Data Sheet

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