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In the United States there is a company that turns Harley-Davidsons into hearse motorcycles to give fallen bikers their last route
In the United States there is a company that turns Harley-Davidsons into hearse motorcycles to give fallen bikers their last route

The Passion for motorcycles that many fans feel is difficult to explain, especially when you tell someone who does not share it. This sentiment is perhaps more socially accepted in the United States where motor culture in practically all its aspects becomes a custom.

Perhaps that is why and how much Americans like excesses, there is a small company dedicated to giving the most bikers one last route before resting forever. Yeah we're talking hearse motorcycles, and it's not a Halloween joke. We have contacted them and this is what they have told us.

Tombstone offers funeral services starting at about $ 84,900

Funeral motorbike

We could not say if it is a gloomy or brilliant concept or … both at the same time. The truth is Tombstone Hearse & Trikes is succeeding with its business model created when in 2001 its ideologue saw a funeral procession escorted by dozens of motorcyclists at Daytona Bike Week.

It occurred to Tombstone that moving the coffin of a motorist escorted by motorcyclists into a bland hearse was nothing short of an offense, so he set to work to modify large custom jackets that could move the coffins until the final end of the route.

Funeral Motorbike 10

For more than 15 years, Tombstone has been creating unique vehicles to its most recent creation, models Harley-Davidson Road King equipped with the Milwaukee 107 engine converted to a trike, but a conversion specifically designed to serve its solemn purpose. Currently they have 94 units created and 95 when it is finished it will go to Trinidad and Tobago. Its market already transcends the American borders.

Aside from the obvious modifications, the Tombstone chassis use an extended 31º fork pitch, forced cooling, or additional lighting.

The rear end has been extensively modified with a Champion Trike conversion, with a specifically reinforced chassis to be able to pull a custom trailer on which to haul the coffin. The transmission has been replaced by a six-speed Baker F6R with electric reverse gear and a 34 tooth final development to offer greater tractive force.

Funeral Motorbike 4

Everything is made to measure. The Huge rear tires match those on the trailer, a trailer that is attached to the motorcycle through a special hitch located in the upper rear part and that requires a body with specific fenders for the motorcycle, as well as a reinforced suspension and a pair of exhausts coming out from the center. The original seat has been replaced by a single seater.

Behind the Victorian trailer is custom made for each model also on a tubular steel chassis to which is added a fiberglass body and a wooden floor. It has an electric brake controlled by a switchboard attached to the Harley-Davidson, in addition to all the necessary material to carry out its work.

Funeral Motorbike 12

In total, each basic creation carries a 750 hours of work from the beginning of its production (not counting the previous design, only hours of labor) until the final product is ready to be delivered to its customers, says Jack Feather, the head of Tombstone Hearse & Trikes.

Although they still have a market, right now they are looking to open up to other markets. "When Harley-Davidsons were the queens, the demand in the United States was really high, but it began to decline in 2007," he points out, assuring that "Barack Obama's years in office were very difficult for us and now we make about three or four units a year."

Funeral Motorbike 15

Together, Tombstone Hearse & Trikes offers its services to funeral homes or individuals, highly focused services for fans of the two wheels who leave the kingdom of the living. A nice gesture for the most fanatical and a great way to remind them whose price starts at about $ 84,900, about 74,700 euros at the current exchange rate, not counting any of the extras or transportation to your final destination.

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