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Motorpasión Moto wishes you a Happy New Year 2020
Motorpasión Moto wishes you a Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020! It seems that it was yesterday when we were excited to be able to put the glove on some of the most interesting motorcycles of 2019 and almost without wanting it it has flown by us. It has been an intense year, perhaps more than we expected at first and it is already over, but this 2020 will not be less so.

Looking ahead to this year (and the new decade) that we have just inaugurated, we have new challenges, projects and incentives to continue at the foot of the canyon, and we hope that you will join us in this new period because surely it will have a lot to tell.

Changes, changes and more changes to come, but always on a motorcycle

Ktm 790 Adventure 2019 Test 030

Looking back we can see that 2019 has been a year that has had absolutely everything. We have closed this season with multitude of novelties of motorcycles that have passed through our Testing Area, and it has been because the brands have been stretching the arrival of the Euro4 models to the maximum, almost overlapping them with the Euro5 via moratorium.

This year the market trend has continued to be confirmed. On the one hand, brands are increasingly opting for logical, affordable and medium-weight motorcycles suitable for a very wide audience, but also with a growing demand for motorcycles for the A2 license of motorists who then do not get the A license, because they are already sufficiently solvent motorcycles. Signs of a mature market.

Bridgestone Battlax S22 2019 Test 017

On the other hand we have that same tributary in the trail segment, with less attention to big maxi-rails and the growth of very capable middleweights like the KTM 790 Adventure or the Yamaha XTZ700 Ténéré. The Spanish market is still very much for naked motorcycles and the Kawasaki Z900 remains the best-selling motorcycle, and finally the big super sports cars are becoming more polarized and more expensive and extreme; motorcycles that are practically only circuit and their niche on the road is occupied by the naked ones derived from sports.

But if there is one thing we must focus on, it is the rebound in alternative mobility. Cities are changing and they ask us to modify the paradigms of normal transport: electric motorcycles They are a key step that has a long way to go. They have to be more affordable and more capable, but their sale price must be adjusted without forgetting that we are dealing with a vehicle. For example, the Silence S01 is an example of a very capable and well-built scooter, but whose price is still a handicap.

Bmw X2 City Electric Scooter 001

In this year we have also seen how Personal Mobility Vehicles (VMP) they have also been great protagonists. Electric scooters have conquered cities and claim their own space, and their growth has forced the DGT to take action on the matter by deploying a series of rules and sanctions to limit their proper use before the reform of the Traffic Regulations where, for Finally, they will be included as motor vehicles.

And between electric scooters, scooters and start-ups launching supposed revolutionary motorcycles, Harley-Davidson has arrived in 2019 hitting very, very hard. The Harley-Davidson LiveWire has positioned itself as the first great electric motorcycle from one of the great manufacturers, and it has done so in a revolutionary way.

Harley Davidson Livewire 2019 Test 003

LiveWire is a game changer for Harley-Davidson, immersing itself fully in an almost unexplored segment and with the most sporty and dynamic approach that has never been seen in the 116-year history of the brand. It is a motorcycle that works really well, it is surprising and very fast, but it has two obstacles: the price of 33,700 euros and the range of less than 200 km.

For 2020, the forecast is that all these steps continue on their way: that the A2 offer is expanded, that sports cars are increasingly extreme, that electric motorcycles go from a dream to a reality as battery technology improvement, that alternative mobility is becoming more … alternative and much more.

Indian Ftr1200s 2019 Test 022

This year will be the confirmation of many changes that are to come and we will continue to be attentive to tell you everything with the greatest possible attention because, in addition, we are becoming a larger family and thanks to all of you who are on the other side we closed 2019 as a record year, with more traffic than ever and with growth that seems unstoppable.

Thank you for everything and may 2020 bring us more motorcycles, more routes and more successes. See you on the road. Happy New Year!

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