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The Yamaha TMAX 560 returns to the fray with the most powerful engine in its history: 46.5 hp
The Yamaha TMAX 560 returns to the fray with the most powerful engine in its history: 46.5 hp

The Yamaha TMAX is an icon that has been rolling since 2001 with enviable commercial success and popularity. The sporty-cut maxi scooter par excellence is the benchmark in the sector and, after being updated in 2018, now it's time for a profound renovation for next year and the arrival of the Euro5.

This 2020 the firm of the tuning forks has not walked with half measures and presents the Yamaha TMAX 560, the most powerful TMAX ever, plus a more aggressive aesthetic to match an even sharper dynamic behavior.

Yamaha TMAX 560: evolution towards maturity

Outside the Yamaha TMAX 560 looks more aggressive and angular, but preserving the essence of a model that is easily recognizable with the naked eye. The bodywork has been specially modified in the rear area to facilitate access to the ground and with a more compact middle / rear area so that the passenger can be more comfortable.

With this version that Iwata's have just presented at the 2019 Milan Motor Show, the Yamaha TMAX 560 reaches the sixth generation of a model that has not stopped evolving to stay on the crest of the wave, already selling more than 275,000 units in everyone before they were two decades old. Having debuted a triple personality in 2018, the Yamaha TMAX 560 now reduces the range to two variants: TMAX and TMAX Tech Max.

The great novelty for 2020 is that the TMAX uses, as its name suggests, an engine whose displacement has been increased to 560 cc, maintaining its configuration of parallel twin. This extra translates into more kick to any regime while emissions are shortened.

The brand claims that its engineers have achieved 3.5% higher power and 6% increased torque: 46.5 CV of power and 56 Nm of torque doing the accounts on the outgoing model.

The block receives a new combustion chamber with revised intake and exhaust valve timings, plus new 12-hole injectors and a new exhaust line with a double catalytic converter with platinum and rhodium. Yamaha promises that the sound has been revised to be "more enjoyable and harmonious".

The powertrain also receives changes with a continuously variable transmission tuning to offer a more pleasant touch but just as energetic. Meanwhile, the suspensions keep the same 41mm inverted fork and rear Monocross shock but their settings have been adjusted. The chassis remains the same aluminum double-girder frame.

Yamaha Tmax 560 2020 3

Technology will continue to play a leading role in the TMAX 560. Now the Yamaha D-MODE (This is what Yamaha calls the driving modes) will have two levels thanks to the electronic throttle: one more restrained for the city and another more sporty to enjoy on the open road sections.

In addition, the Yamaha TMAX 560 will also have standard keyless start, dynamic taillights, TFT digital dashboard or traction control. Those from Iwata also promise better storage capacity, but two full-face helmets will still not enter.

Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX

Yamaha Tmax 560 2020 3

In addition to the TMAX, the Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX It is a further step on the model's evolutionary scale: fully equipped and under the same premium parameters. As the name suggests, the technology package will be even more complete.

This variant would come to occupy the position that previously belonged to the Yamaha TMAX DX, that is, the most equipped of all. As standard the TMAX Tech MAX includes electrically adjustable screen, cruise control, heated seat and grips or adjustable rear suspension.

Yamaha Tmax 560 2020 10

It also includes some cosmetic changes like the front fork finished in gold or a premium trim for the gap under the seat, apart from unique colors for the body (Tech Kamo and Sword Gray).

It is also equipped with connectivity via app MyTMAX With which you can control parameters such as the positioning of the scooter via GPS, configure alerts for excess speed or battery level as well as other interesting parameters such as the schedule of reviews.

Yamaha Tmax 560 2020 1

Both the Yamaha TMAX and the TMAX Tech MAX will be available starting next month of December at dealerships, although we don't know the price yet.

Yamaha TMAX 2020 - Technical sheet

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