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Yamaha MT-10 SP: even more radical, even darker
Yamaha MT-10 SP: even more radical, even darker

Not a year has passed since the MT-10 made its appearance, and now comes the Yamaha MT-10 SP to get fully into the war unleashed between the hyper-naked. Inheriting much of the means used in the Yamaha YZF-R1M, the SP version is postulated as a naked clone and with a wide handlebar with which to control all the Japanese fury.

It is pure aggressiveness without concessions with a first-class equipment that incorporates what we already knew until now some new electronic suspensions, a new digital panel and its own color scheme that will make this sports car devoid of an unmistakable fairing wherever it dares to pass.

The darkest rival of the hyper-naked wars


The suspensions that embrace the new Yamaha MT-10 SP are very similar to those that equip the ultra-specialized Yamaha YZF-R1M, with a complete equipment Öhlins ERS commanded by a control unit that will be in charge of adjusting the suspension settings while underway without the pilot having to do anything at all.

Continually be monitor data of how the suspension is working and the type of use we are making of the motorcycle to adjust both the fork and the shock absorber by means of small motors that regulate the settings in real time.

To interact with all the electronics that equip the hyper-naked of the moment, a new panel has been used Multifunction TFT It is also similar to that of the R1M that will group all the available information clearly and precisely. This color LCD screen is customizable to be able to choose between darker or lighter backgrounds to suit our tastes.

The engine is the same as the Yamaha MT-10 presented in 2016, with four cylinders in line, 998 cubic centimeters and a crossplane crankshaft capable of delivering 160 hp and 111 Nm of torque. The only difference is that now the MT-10 SP incorporates the QSS quick gearshift and A&S anti-rebound clutch.

The color scheme Silver Blue Carbon It is completely new and specifically designed for this model, so much so that it will be the only one to market this special version whose availability will be from February 2017.

Yamaha Mt 10 Sp 2017 024
Yamaha Mt 10 Sp 2017 024

Technical sheet Yamaha MT-10 SP 2017

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