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This is what Harley-Davidson's Pan America and streetfighter prototypes look like for the first time
This is what Harley-Davidson's Pan America and streetfighter prototypes look like for the first time

Since about a year ago Harley-Davidson announced its plans to establish itself as a motorcycle brand with a future, a lot has happened. Most of the Milwaukee firm's efforts have focused on LiveWire, its electric motorbike that arrived this year with the hope of moving forward a company that has been losing market share.

But in their plans there was not only the presence of this electric motorcycle. With the motto "More roads for Harley-Davidson" they gave us the clues of their future strategy: new motorcycles different from what they had done until now, and among them was the Pan america, a trail that we have finally seen outside of two dimensions, just like the streetfighter.

Harley-Davidson seems to be on schedule

Harley Davidson More
Harley Davidson More

It seems that the North American firm is complying with its program to remove all the motorcycles that it had planned in its plan. A few hours ago the hare jumped when the Harley-Davidson Movosibirsk dealer showed on his YouTube channel some static images of Pan America with all the accessories it could have when it goes on sale which, in theory, is for this summer.

From the images in the video it looks a lot like the prototype that Harley-Davidson already advanced when it announced this model. We still do not get used to the image of a trail that wants to maintain the essence of the brand, although in an unknown segment for them. In fact, it has an air of the Road Glide, H-D's first motorcycle with adventurous intentions.

The engine of the Pan America is a bi-cylinder in vee closed at 60ยบ (one of the characteristics of the brand) in longitudinal position of 1,250 cc. This engine will serve as a modular basis for other versions. For example, the brand's first streetfighter will use this engine, but its displacement will be 975 cc. The same will happen with the new custom, although we still do not know what displacement it will have.

The double overhead camshaft will be the same. Where you can change to suit each style of bike is in the diameter of the pistons and cylinders. The electronics, the cylinder heads and the gearbox will also be adjusted so that each motorcycle has its own personality, but with the same heart.

The identity of the front of the Pan America is typical of the Harley-Davidson. However, its steel spoke wheels are something very different from what we are used to seeing in the American brand. It is appreciated how the motorcycle can go with several sets of suitcases and will have a different exhaust available (we imagine with an extra price), in addition to other accessories.

In the same motorshow where the Pan America could be seen, the Harley-Davidson streetfighter was also exposed, also with a design very similar to the one we saw previously in photos. This motorcycle could be called Bareknuckle (the patent that H-D registered with this name and that gave us the clue) and the forecast is that it will arrive in 2020.

Harley-Davidson wants to change and reach a bigger audience than they have now and that means getting out of the custom segment. The Pan America, the streetfighter and the LiveWire are three models prepared to achieve that goal. It is clear that H-D is no longer the same, but much more.

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