Casey Stoner returns, L'enfant terrible returns
Casey Stoner returns, L'enfant terrible returns

Today in Sepang there was one of the most anticipated events in recent years: to see again on the track alongside his former teammates Casey stoner. It seems that his return to Ducati his mentality has changed. We do not know if he will compete in a race again, but at least his particular style on the bike has been seen again.

Left from Ducati because the Italian brand was not putting all the meat on the grill. The magic of the Australian and Filippo Preziosi faded, and the aussie sought new challenges under the umbrella of Sling. But disenchanted with the future of the championship, he was causing the same stir as when he reached the 250 category in 2002.

Even so it seemed that his good relationship with Sling from time to time he allowed him to dabble in closed-door test days. But this cost him some criticism from Honda's official riders after his comments. Their status appeared to be in jeopardy at the hands of a retired test pilot.

The straw that broke the camel's back was, possibly, not being able to replace Dani Pedrosa during his convalescence. TO Casey stoner He did not like it at all, and again the magic was broken as in his day with Ducati. A fall in the 8 hours of Suzuka was the last straw.

Now he is back where he feels most loved. AND Ducati has welcomed him with open arms, from the first to the last. The proof that he feels at home is that he was with the rest of the riders today because it is the best way to test and develop a motorcycle. Same conditions with which to draw conclusions and see where they have to improve.

A ninth place Putting one second behind Danilo Petrucci, also with a Ducati, and behind two other Italian bikes, those of Héctor Barberá and Andrea Iannone, he may know little. But nothing is further from the truth if we look beyond the cold numbers.

And it is that except Jorge Lorenzo, Cal Crutchlow and Valentino Rossi, the rest of the pilots got their fastest lap at the beginning of the day and with the Michelin tire on soft compound. The same one who hours later would retire after the fall of Loris Baz on the finish line. Even with fewer laps on the bike than the rest of the riders, where everything is new for him, the record set is to take into account. Who thinks that he would have forgotten to go fast …

We do not know if it will run. After this the rumor mill will return about whether he will dispute as Australian GP wild card. But whether or not you do, you don't need to prove anything to anyone. He has already done it today and also, with the work that had been entrusted to him.