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Valentino Rossi shows the most important helmets and jumpsuits from his secret museum in this video
Valentino Rossi shows the most important helmets and jumpsuits from his secret museum in this video

Dainese has published two new videos dedicated to Valentino Rossi and what they call his' secret room', a museum full of motorcycling history in which the one from Tavullia keeps practically everything it has used in its more than 24 years of professional career.

Motorcycles, helmets, overalls, gloves … hundreds of things from ' Il Dottore'and that now we can enjoy together with the Italian, who is in charge of teaching everything and telling the story of some of the pieces that are there. First he delighted us with two chapters in which he talked about his beginnings and trajectory in the world of competition and now he has fully immersed himself in showing us all the safety equipment that he keeps in an old workshop in the area.

Valentino Rossi's most precious helmets and overalls

Have been world champion up to nine times and having a charisma like that of Valentino Rossi means that after almost a quarter of a century riding a motorcycle there are many admirers he has throughout the world.

Hence, these videos arouse so much interest among fans of the MotoGP World Championship, who want to know a little more about the rider and see what he keeps within the walls of such a secret room, of which the exact location is not known.

In chapter 3, called 'A Knight's armor' or 'The Armor of a Warrior', Rossi shows a monkey collection That could be around 140 units, as stated by the still official Yamaha rider. He takes out some very special ones for him, such as the first one he used as a professional in 1993 in the competition called Sport Production or the one the following year, in which he was already an 'official' of the Lucky Explorer team.

It also counts the evolution in safety since his arrival at the 'world' in 1996 and some peculiarities that put Dainese to work on new designs.

The fourth video they have published is entitled 'Il Caschi di Vale' or 'Los Cascos de Vale', a true journey through the showcases full of this head protection, surely one of the most coveted objects by any Valentino fan and with a priceless value. Some even show the damage caused by falls and others bring us great memories, such as the 1996 one with the 'Soleluna' painted and with which he made the leap to world motorcycle competition.

And be careful because the one from Tavullia also keeps helmets of those that have been his rivals throughout all these years, such as Sete Gibernau, Tetsuya Harada or the sadly deceased 'Norick' Abe, as well as others from pilots from other specialties such as Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna, Felipe Massa or Jeremy McGrath, to name a few.

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