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The Yamaha Tricity 300 increases the family of three-wheeled scooter and opens another option for the car license
The Yamaha Tricity 300 increases the family of three-wheeled scooter and opens another option for the car license

Yamaha finally announces that very soon we will see rolling through the streets the Yamaha Tricity 300. It's a three wheel scooter That would complement the offer of motorcycles that can be driven with a car license even if it exceeds 125 cc since its engine will have about 300 cc.

This model is based on the Yamaha 3CT, a prototype that we were able to meet at the EICMA in 2018 and that already at the time gave us the clues to think that Yamaha would cover a segment with which it can get a lot of juice.

The Yamaha Tricity 300 looks more like the Tricity 125 than the Niken


If on the part of the low displacement the brand of the tuning forks took out the Yamaha Tricity of 125 cc and on the upper part the Yamaha Niken of almost 900 cc, it lacked a three-wheel scooter that would meet the demand of those who wanted to circulate with a a vehicle that was smaller than the car, that would help them avoid traffic and park in the city, and that would not be as limited in power as a 125 cc motorcycle.

This new Yamaha Tricity 300 looks a lot like the 3CT in several ways like the front with led lights, the wide body where the imposing front or the same type of tread of the rim stands out. The seat, of course, changes its design since in the Yamaha 3CT it included LEDs in the lower part, for that of attracting more attention in the salons.

In reality, we could almost see this model in its real version with the renderings of the patents that were registered in Europe on April 25. By then we were able to verify (and now confirm) that it is more of a Tricity with more muscle rather than a smaller Niken.

With the official image of the Yamaha scooter we can confirm that it has a double wishbone with conventional bars, a double-arm rear swingarm controlled by a preload-adjustable double rear shock absorber and the well-known multi-wheel tilt mechanism (Leaning Multi Wheel or LMW). We also know, because the Iwata company anticipated it in its day, that it will use the same single-cylinder engine of the Yamaha X-MAX 300 with 27.6 HP and a torque of 29 Nm.

In the market, it will have to face up to vehicles that have already been on sale for a long time, such as the Piaggio MP3 300, the Quadro QV3 or the Peugeot Metropolis 400.

The Yamaha Tricity 300 will be available in Tech Kamo, Nimbus Gray and Matt Gray colors. The other details of this new three-wheeled scooter will be announced on next November 4 at the EICMA in Milan.