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Camouflaged cars, radars and helicopters: this is the DGT's special device for motorcycles that starts today
Camouflaged cars, radars and helicopters: this is the DGT's special device for motorcycles that starts today

This Friday June 28 and until next Sunday, September 1 The special surveillance device that the General Directorate of Traffic has organized for this summer begins and on July 27 and 28 they will carry out a special control on motorcyclists.

The DGT will put 300 more civil guards on the road, in addition to the 9,100 troops that it already has and will become operational as of July 1 20 new radars to be placed throughout the Spanish territory.

The DGT wants to avoid the 260 deaths in 2018

Given the forecast of the increase in people who will travel on the road in 2019 compared to 2018, with a total of 90 million trips between July and August, the DGT has presented its safety device for the summer in order to try to prevent a repeat of the figure of 260 dead and 940 injured that were registered in the summer of 2018.

In addition to the 9,400 personnel of the Traffic Group dedicated to this control work, the DGT will install 78 new radars until the end of 2019, 20 of them will start operating on the first day of July. The 58 radars remaining (15 of section) they will enter "in service as the certifications of the metrological control are obtained". To this overland system are added 12 helicopters that will control Spanish highways from the sky in addition to 11 drones.

In July and August Traffic will 900,000 breathalyzer tests. They will also pay special attention to use of mobile with camouflaged vehicles and 216 high definition cameras.

Within two months of the summer they will three special surveillance campaigns: to the motorcyclists (July 27 and 28), at cyclists (July 13 and 14) and at speed control (from August 12 to 18). What's more, every weekend surveillance will be intensified until September 8.

The 76% of the 260 fatal accidents they occurred on secondary roads, roads that we remember changed their generic speed to 90 km / h. As bikers we must remember that even if it is hot, we must always ride our motorcycles with clothing that protects us in the event of a fall. It is a serious mistake to go without a jacketWithout gloves, without boots, with a short T-shirt and shorts, and it can cost us dearly. Let's properly protect ourselves and comply with regulations to avoid unnecessary risks.

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