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Finally! The Jarama Circuit will be completely resurfaced this summer
Finally! The Jarama Circuit will be completely resurfaced this summer

Finally! The Jarama Circuit gives us better and better news, and without a doubt that the best it could give us is the one that was recently confirmed: the Madrid track will receive a complete resurfacing. At the awards ceremony, the organization of the track made public that the legendary track will begin the conditioning works this summer, in August.

Although initially the Jarama 2021 project It included a reconditioning of the pit line, the stands, an improvement of the auxiliary facilities, the installation of the Dunlop Bridge or the complete reform of the control tower, it was not contemplated that the asphalt would be repaired. Finally the Jarama will have a new asphalt, the asphalt it deserves.

A complete refurbishment of a mythical track


The RACE Trophy drivers have been the most critical of the central track, pointing to the deteriorated asphalt as a threat to the motorcyclist safety. Motorcyclists have complained and some voices pointed to safety issues as an argument for not celebrating the 2018 RACE Trophy, but "this year they leave us stranded because the Madrid Motorcycling Federation and RACE have not reached an agreement." A presumably cheap deal apparently.

While the asphalt was not too bad for cars and trucks, some areas showed excessive wear for motorcycles, with very uneven surfaces and potholes that accumulated dirt and prevented the bikes from being able to roll with confidence, according to a participant of the last RACE.

Ignacio Fernandez (Director of the Jarama Circuit), stated at the event that "after more than 20 years, we have decided anticipate to the second phase this resurfacing, which could allow us to launch a new RACE Motorcycle Trophy project ", but without determining dates, something that it did with the rest of the scheduled competitions.

"The asphalt has not touched for 20 years. There are cracks in the Pegaso ramp and the descent of the Bugatti area is very bad, they are two especially dangerous points for motorcyclists" pointed out another RACE rider in the motorcycle category, along adding that "above all more loopholes are needed".

And it is that the layout opened in 1967Despite its charisma, it has limitations to put it at the level of the most modern circuits. Space is limited and revolution limits are even imposed in the Equestrian area to mitigate the noise impact on the inhabitants who live next to the track.

For now we will have to wait, since in 2015 the previous cupola of the circuit in the mouth of its president Juan Carlos Servera also promised a complete resurfacing of the track and did not get to undertake it.

We have tried to contact the communication department of the Jarama Circuit to ask them about the conditioning plans for the pisco but at the moment we have not received a response.