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Caught! Do not call this Chinese love for motorcycles, call him furtive mechanics
Caught! Do not call this Chinese love for motorcycles, call him furtive mechanics

We have left Valentine's Day behind, but it never hurts to remember that love is blind, it does not understand distances, sexes or races. Love moves mountains, love can do everything, love is like that … full of topics, so don't give it a second thought. Not even when you see the following video in which love transcends the barriers of humanity.

A scooter, a corner and a Chinese. No, it's not a joke

Yes effectively. That thing you saw is not a scene from a movie rated +18. This is the security camera of a motorcycle shop in China, where a man fell prey to the charms of a pristine scooter and he was left with no choice but to unleash his most basic instincts.

Despite the torrid situation, the fact is that the guy seems take it very easy, so much as to rethink the situation a couple of times, get dressed because he thought someone was approaching, relocate the motorcycle in an even less visible place and continue with his own, lest he be left in a coitus interruptus.

We do not know what was in the head of that man at that time, if for him it was some kind of driving test, if he finally liked it, he was satisfied and bought it, if you left your signature for another client or if it was some kind of lost bet with someone.

Most likely, this character is one of those who have a special appreciation for certain inanimate objects. known as mechaphilia. A paraphilia of which we have already spoken on occasion and that even took a British man to the dungeon for showing too much affection for a Suzuki GSX-R in the middle of the street.

What is typhophilia?

This horny Chinese who has left his love on a defenseless scooter is a typist. As surely he does not know what that word means, we are going to explain it to him, in case it turns out that he reads Motorpasión Moto.

The mechanphilia It is a filia, an especially intense attraction for something, whatever it is (from collecting classic motorcycles to having a tidy house), to which are added sexual dyes and this attraction ends up being expressed in a physical way. We are not talking about having sex IN a car with another human being (or with himself, forever alone), but about having sex WITH a car.

In addition to this mechanical paraphilia, we should also add hints of exhibitionism, because possibly the Chinese motorcycle tester will give an extra taste to doing it in public places with the added risk of being caught.

There is hardly any information about this expression of love because it is considered something negative, but the truth is that behind it there is no type of mental disorder. Edward smith He publicly confessed to having given love to more than 1,000 cars and considering his Volkswagen Beetle the romance of his life.

Or the case of Nathaniel, an American who "maintains an emotional and sexual relationship with his car" as you can see above and who came up with the happy idea of confessing it to his father in front of the television cameras.

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