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Alta Motors electrics hit the market where it hurts the most: slashing prices grossly
Alta Motors electrics hit the market where it hurts the most: slashing prices grossly

When we talk about new models with improved features, more elaborate decorations or better equipment, we tend to assimilate that they will always be more expensive. It is the law of life, if you carry more things it has to be more expensive. Well, it is not always like that, because Alta Motors wants to revolutionize the market with its electrics.

Until now, we have told you that the Americans were making great strides with their electric motorcycles. They started with the Redshift MX of Motocross with which they even competed in the Red Bull Straight Rhythm, then came the Redshift SM as his first street-approved motorcycle in a Supermotard configuration. Right after, the sublime ST Concept appeared that we hope will hit the market one day.

A family of three that is settling down


Lastly, the Redshift EX, the Enduro variant that also improves its figures with 125 kg of weight, 40 hp of power and no less than 162 Nm of torque, accompanied by 3 hours of autonomy.

Well, these three models start 2018 with very good news, because their prices are reduced compared to last year, and a lot. According to Alta Motors' own website, the Redshift MX costs $ 10,495, $ 12,995 for the Redshift EX and $ 13,495 for the Redshift SM.

The reduction is brutal, since the MX cuts its price 5,000 dollars by 2,000 of the SM. In fact, it is very striking that the Redshift EX, which arrived at the end of 2017 with a price of 13,232 euros at the change now only remains at 10,632 euros, Almost 3,000 euros less!

This movement is quite a slap in the face of multinationals. Alta Motors is willing to socialize electrics and they have dared to hit where it hurts the most: in the pockets of those who criticized these zero-emission motorcycles for being too expensive.

According to the brand itself, these permanent sales are possible thanks to the good acceptance of its models. The demand for Redshifts is growing, allowing them to hold on to the scale economics and look face to face with the combustion motorcycles.

Very good to the people of Alta Motors. They are doing a modest but constant job, bringing the colors to the greats of the industry and showing that things can be done differently. Lowering the price to such a modern product, with its own technology and with a meager sales volume is a great gesture.