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Moto 0 - Van 1, or what happens when autonomous motorcycles try to stunt
Moto 0 - Van 1, or what happens when autonomous motorcycles try to stunt

Most people enjoy their motorcycles going on top of them. It is very comforting to take a ride and have that feeling of freedom appreciating the landscape or trying to make the most of the bike as far as possible to have a good time.

Of course, there are times when things go wrong and as it happens to the protagonist of this video, at one point you see yourself running behind your motorcycle to try to stop it after having fallen from it with the bad luck that your mount decides to follow his I walk without you

The risks of the stunt and the great frozen plains

Autonomous Motorbike 03
Autonomous Motorbike 03

That is one of the worst nightmares of stunt riders, to see how their motorcycle does not obey them and continues at their own pace despite not being on it. The autonomous motorcycles thing is very fashionable lately, but not in this way. At that moment, everything gets complicated and also a risk is created for everyone present, since even at low speed, being hit by a motorcycle always ends badly.

After trying to get on the motorcycle while it is moving, the rider in the video loses his balance and falls to the ground. That is the moment in which the odyssey of taking control of a motorcycle that rides alone begins and not exactly in the style of the Yamaha Motobot. And it is also the moment when the protagonists of the video realize that throw a motorbike in motion over a frozen lagoon It is not an easy task.

At the end of the day, it is a very graphic and visible explanation of the inertia that a heavy motorcycle can achieve although it is not going fast and how difficult it is to modify its trajectory without being able to exert the necessary force from the usual driving position.

And it's also a very graphic explanation of Murphy's Law and his "if something can go wrong, it will go wrong." Because you have to be unlucky to be on an immense frozen plain where there are only a few cars and vans and that is precisely where a motorcycle that travels autonomously and without control will stop. More concretely crashing against one of them.