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Mika Pérez triumphs in Misano and tightens the Supersport 300 classification
Mika Pérez triumphs in Misano and tightens the Supersport 300 classification

The category of Supersport 300 of the Superbike World Championship met for the fifth time this weekend at the Marco Simoncelli Circuit. For the second time in a row it was Mika Perez the one in charge of climbing to the top of the podium. The rider from Altea continues to cut points from the current leader, the Dutchman Scott Deroue, and is now second to three points Of diference.

Just 0.027 seconds later he passed the finish line Armando Pontone, thus achieving its first podium in front of the local public. Behind him, another Italian rider completed the podium, Alfonso Coppola, who thus compensates for the disqualification he suffered in the previous race at Donington Park.

Final tight to six


Mika Perez He started from the first position after getting the superpole on Saturday with a 1'52.490, more than a second away from the second classified, Marc García, a time with which he proved to be one step ahead of his rivals. Perez started in the lead after the traffic light went out, but it was not long before he was involved in a group of six pilots.

Armando Pontone, Roberto Schotman, Alfonso Coppola, Marc Garcia, Dorren Loureiro and Mika Pérez were in charge of setting the pace of the race with their fight for the lead. Worst luck was the leader of the championship, Scott deroue, which was not able to follow the leading group and had to settle for following them from the second platoon. The Dutchman did not have a good weekend where he also qualified on Saturday the fourteenth.


Pontone, encouraged by his fans, gave the final push positioning himself ahead of Pérez on the last lap, however, the Spanish took advantage of the last turns to return to leadership with whom he had spent most of the race to become champion at the Misano Circuit Marco Simoncelli for second time in a row.

Alfonso Coppola he crossed the finish line in third place followed by Loureiro and Schotman. Marc Garcia achieved a sixth position followed by the also Spanish Borja Sánchez. Mykyta Kalinin, Angelo Licciardi and the espanol Daniel Valle They completed the top ten. Ana Carrasco finished fourteenth.

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