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MotoGP arrives at the Cathedral of motorcycling wrapped in a halo of irregularity
MotoGP arrives at the Cathedral of motorcycling wrapped in a halo of irregularity

Holland and its circuit Assen make up the Cathedral of motorcycling. The MotoGP World Championship It will land in just a few days on its spectacular 18-turn layout on a track that is as much to blame for the tournament's popularity as the great stars who helped carve out its legend.

With almost half the championship consumed, the Dutch Grand Prix It is an all or nothing for the remainder of the year, but the truth and according to how distributed both the victories and the fiascos are, it is difficult to make a clear bet on any particular driver. Jack Miller, Valentino Rossi, Marc Márquez have been the last winners, but this 2017 looks… atypical.

MotoGP: Many favorites and only one winner per race


The jackpot for this season 2017 will go to the driver who fails the least throughout the season. Sounds obvious? Of course yes, but as you know this campaign is being a real madness that brings both the pilots and their own teams upside down.

The irregularity is eating away the aspirations of the great MotoGP favorites, invalidating their candidacies at the beginning of the season and making those who have wanted to rely on consistency sweat. There is no regularity At least in this first third of the championship, so minimizing damage when things get tough can be much more productive than risking more than necessary when it is not the time.


The five aspiring drivers for the title have crashed in the 8 races we have run and all (except Rossi) have won a race

The first five drivers that occupy the general classification would be the ones that we would narrow down as candidates for the title. In order of appearance in the general classification: Maverick Viñales, Andrea Dovizioso, Marc Márquez, Dani Pedrosa and Valentino Rossi They are the five contenders for everything between now and when we get to the Valencia GP in the seemingly distant month of November.

They all have one thing in common and that is that in the seven races that we have contested they have crashed at least once. The boys of the Repsol Honda lead of this ineffable statistic with two falls each while Viñales, Dovizioso and Rossi have kissed the ground once.

Motogp Jerez 2017

At the same time, and with the exception of veteran Valentino, all have won at least one race, with Viñales (3) and Dovizioso (2) as the only ones capable of repeating the triumph. This is not by chance and, although he deserved it and came very close to achieving it at Le Mans, Rossi does not have the same chances to win as the rest of his contenders.

The old chicken continues to make very good broth, not in vain did it arrive in Jerez as the leader of the general classification. The consistency Of his results he has always been a banner of intense yellow but, for whatever reason, the consistency that kept him in the fight for the title this year is eluding him and he will go to Assen as the fifth classified overall.


In favor of the Italian it must be recognized that the statistics do not lie and Rossi is the rider who has climbed the highest box the most times. He already has seven victories and nine podiums in his extensive experience, so arriving at the Assen TT this weekend after the fall of France and eighth place in Catalonia are sure to be a balm with which to heal his wounds.

Ducati: the disruptive factor

Andrea Dovizioso Motogp Catalunya 2017 3

At Ducati they are going to do everything possible to keep winning the race and stay in the race for the championship title in 2017

With the firm intention of continuing to take steps forward, Ducati proudly march knowing that although they do not want to see it that way, in the last two races Andrea Dovizioso has led GP17 to victory.

Once may be chance, luck, or chance. Two consecutive wins and also seconded by the leadership of Jorge Lorenzo During the first laps of the Montmeló circuit, they already began to establish a dangerous jurisprudence. Dangerous for the rest of the contenders with Japanese saddles who may have been overtaken by a motorcycle that works again and has been building a hunger for victory since 2008.

Andrea Dovizioso Motogp Catalunya 2017

With a lot of glances on Michelin tires and their somewhat random aptitudes, it seems that the Ducati GP17 is the motorcycle that best manages to conserve the tires in race distance. Despite being the most powerful bike on the grid, it is emerging as a great babysitter for tires and in specific circumstances it even manages to end up performing at a high level during the last laps by choosing softer compounds than its rivals.

There is no doubt that at this point, Andrea Dovizioso's own criticism of GP17 was based more on possible frustration at not performing at the level of a driver who believes he can win. Now, with the bike constantly evolving by the magician Gigi dal'Igna and a Jorge Lorenzo walking in the right direction, we may be able to stop looking at Ducati as those bikes that only Casey Stoner was able to tame.

The irregular regularity of MotoGP 2017

Marc Marquez Motogp Catalunya 2017 2

Saving furniture race by race can become a virtue for those who want to reach the end of such a complicated season alive.

And what do we do with Viñales, Márquez and Pedrosa? The only thing we can do: wait. While ** Dani Pedrosa ** remains as that hard-working rider who when he has the motorcycle in his hand is capable of giving his rivals a bath, ** Viñales and Márquez ** are the type of riders who only worth the chance to win.

The Viñales frustration For not being able to maintain the stratospheric trajectory of the beginning of the season, it is materializing in continuous allusions to supposedly deficient Michelin tires, while Márquez seems that year after year he seems to understand better that there are other ways to win that are not to arrive first.

Maverick Vinales Motogp Catalunya 2017 4

Unfortunately for him, and despite the fact that Viñales occupies the first position of the general classification, which only temporarily gave way after the Austin race, the volatility of the general standings could cause any of the drivers to end up falling apart from the battle for the title. anytime.

Between Viñales (1st) and Rossi (5th) there are 28 points difference. Five drivers placed in a very short distance, you can only win one at a time and to win you have to take risks (well, except if you are Dovizioso in Catalunya that you say you have won without giving 100%). And you know what happens when you risk more than necessary.

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