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Brad Binder triumphs at Silverstone and delivers a coup de grace to the Moto3 title
Brad Binder triumphs at Silverstone and delivers a coup de grace to the Moto3 title

Brad binder has won the Moto3 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, which together with the abandonment of Jorge Navarro (brought down by guest Stefano Manzi) leaves the South African very close to being Moto3 world champion, by extending his lead by 86 points with only six races at stake, so he could even be champion at Motorland Aragón, with four rounds to spare.

Behind Binder, who has four victories and nine podiums in twelve races, second place went to the Italian Pecco bagnaia, who started from pole and placed third overall. The Dutchman completed the podium Bo bendsenyder, which was released in the drawer and initialed the party at the Red Bull KTM Ajo.

Guest Stefano Manzi decides the World Cup

Brad Binder Bo Bendsneyder Moto3 Silverstone 2016
Brad Binder Bo Bendsneyder Moto3 Silverstone 2016

Pecco Bagnaia came out with things very clear: asserting pole position to break group and let the rest fight in his wake. The one who came out very determined was Joan Mir, who quickly got to his wheel, followed by Enea Bastianini, the surprising Gabri Rodrigo, Niccolò Antonelli, Jorge Martín, a calm Brad Binder and his partner Bo Bendsneyder.

Brad Binder has found himself again with victory, which together with the abandonment of Jorge Navarro makes him take a giant step towards the world title.

With much calm was taken by Jorge Navarro, which was gradually climbing positions from 18th on the grid. And Binder should have warned him, because he quickly came to the fore with the clear objective of fragmenting the group and cutting off the Valencian, his greatest rival for the title. He saw it and began to account for several pilots to avoid getting cut.

A group of seven units was formed, with Binder, Bastianini and Bagnaia taking over the lead, followed by Mir, Bendsneyder, Rodrigo and Navarro. From behind, the Italian Fabio Di Giannantonio He opposed taking the title of best comeback from Navarro, reaching the leading group after having started from 25th position on the grid. Much further back, Fabio Quartararo left.

Pecco Bagnaia Silverstone Moto3 2016
Pecco Bagnaia Silverstone Moto3 2016

Andrea Migno and the wild card also arrived Stefano Manzi (who had finished 34th!), which brought the number of members of the group to ten. Navarro disagreed with such a proliferation of rivals, and neither did Binder. The first position began to be discussed, which Nicolò Bulega and Jorge Martín took advantage of to increase to twelve the number of pilots fighting for victory.

Pecco Bagnaia was well positioned for victory in the final moments, but couldn't beat Binder and had to settle for second.

Arón Canet and Niccolò Antonelli raised it to 14, although it gave the constant feeling that it would fragment again as soon as one of the riders with more pace managed to consolidate the leadership and impose its law. The one who ran without law or master was Manzi, who did not keep anything and he was about to throw binder in an overly aggressive rush.

Then Bagnaia and Bastianini reappeared, who had let Binder and Navarro do for a good part of the race, but with four laps to go they decided to be seen again in the lead. Brad opted to head back to position himself, while Navarro was walking in the middle of the group.

Bo Bendsneyder Moto3 Silverstone 2016
Bo Bendsneyder Moto3 Silverstone 2016

In the end, what had to happen, happened. A reckless maneuver by Stefano Manzi ended in the demolition of Jorge Navarro, which Andrea Migno could not avoid. The wild card opened gas as if he had no one in front of him, but he did. Navarro was rammed and his bones hit the ground, serving half a title on Brad Binder's layup.

After acting as a squire for his teammate, Dutchman Bo Bendsneyder was able to finish third to take the World Cup podium for the first time.

In addition, this action caused a cut in which three pilots stayed: Binder himself, his partner Bendsenyder and Bagnaia. The South African took command, and the Dutchman stayed as his squire, allowing him to gain a few meters that Bagnaia could no longer rinse. The Italian was able to get away from Bo to clinch second place, with Bendsenyder signing his first podium.

Fourth was the controversial Stefano manzi, which had a formidable career overshadowed by an action that had a direct impact on qualifying. Nicolò Bulega was fifth, Fabio Di Giannantonio sixth, Niccolò Antonelli seventh, Enea Bastianini eighth, Arón Canet ninth and Joan Mir tenth, who had entered ninth but was sanctioned with a position for exceeding the limits of the track at the finish line.

Jorge Martín, eleventh, entered after them. Juanfran Guevara (17th) and María Herrera (27th) could not score, while besides Navarro, neither Marcos Ramírez nor Albert Arenas could finish.