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Dakar 2016: Buenos Aires - Rosario, prologue stage
Dakar 2016: Buenos Aires - Rosario, prologue stage

Yesterday the Dakar 2016 with a stage Foreword Come in Buenos Aires and Rosario. A little more than 300 km of stage with a timed special of 11 kilometers with which the starting order of the pilots for today's first stage would be decided.

Finally the stage had to be Neutralized for trucks due to the accident of one of the car participants that resulted in four wounded among the spectators. But if we talk about the sports plane, yesterday Joan Barreda showed his great speed and took the stage, although with the same time as the Husqvarna rider Ruben faria.

Ruben faria

Some of the favorites have already had a problem that will force them to come back. This is the case of Paulo Gonçalves who had to stop several times during the timed special and today he will start in forty-ninth position.

It was not without its problems either. Laia sanz. When crossing a river, the water air penetrated the motorcycle through the air filter and thanks to its speed to stop the motorcycle and empty the water, it was able to save the furniture although it lost a few minutes with what ended the 114 yesterday although thanks to its Preferred driver status, on today's stage will come out twenty-ninth.

Dakar 2016: today's stage

Map Stage1 Dakar2016

On the stage today Sunday that runs between Rosario and Villa Carlos Paz, motorcycles and cars will have separate routes for much of the special. For motorcycles and quads, 404 km with a timed special of 227 km. Today's stage is characterized by the sinuosity of the route, with a long area of ​​uphill and downhill slopes.

Due to the intensity of the rain, has had to delay departure which was scheduled for 8 in the morning local time (12:00 hours in Spain) and at this time (14:00), the special has not started yet although conditions have improved a bit.

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