KTM already rolls with Mika Kallio at the controls of the RC16
KTM already rolls with Mika Kallio at the controls of the RC16

While the bulk of the teams from the MotoGP World Championship preparing for the 2016 season in Jerez, the Austrians from KTM They have preferred not to go out on the track alongside their rivals for the time being and for that reason they chose the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia to continue with the development of their KTM RC16 with his two test pilots.

This was the first time that Alex Hoffman and Mika Kallio They were able to exchange views on the mount and also with the engineers, in order to give them as much data as possible so that during the winter break they can continue to develop the bike for the 2016 season.

For the statements of both pilots and Mike leitner, the bike is showing very fast from day one and most importantly, no mechanical problems. Being able to ride all day without having to go through the box except to make adjustments is very important and that, for example, in the case of Suzuki, It was not easy for them and they had enough reliability problems that forced them to go with lead feet so as not to break engines.

Mike Leitner:

Until February 2016 and like the rest of the teams, KTM will not return to action. In the meantime they will surely continue to work intensively at the Austrian team headquarters.

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