REV'IT gloves for autumn-winter
REV'IT gloves for autumn-winter

Hands are one of the most delicate parts of our body, and at the same time they are the parts that we take care of the least when we ride a motorcycle. You only have to remember if you have ever broken a finger or any bone / tendon of an upper limb to see how bad it is just not being able to move one of our hands with the necessary skill. And when winter arrives, in addition to protecting our hands from any fall, we also have to protect them from inclement weather.

That is why autumn-winter gloves are essential for anyone who continues to ride a motorcycle at this time of year. This they know well in REV'IT and that is why they have expanded their range of gloves for the winter 2015-2016. Gloves created with a lot of attention to details such as keeping our hands dry and warm in any situation, but without losing the necessary skill to handle the motorcycle or even to be able to use a touch screen like the one on the mobile.

Driving in winter does not have to be synonymous with being cold or doing it in an uncomfortable way. Something that since the invention of Gore-Tex and Hidratex It is quite out of date, and it can be done without adding a thick layer to our hands. Almost equally important is the Thinsulate and the Primaloft, materials that warm the hands and that REV'IT includes in its winter gloves.

Another point to keep in mind is the grip that allows us a precise control of the handlebar. If you wear gloves that are too thick, you will not be able to move the motorcycle with ease and if you lose your grip on one of the grips you can find yourself in serious trouble. To avoid this dangerous situation, REV'IT gloves have internal reinforcements made of goatskin with a diamond texture.

And last but not least are the protections in the event of a fall. To improve this section they have a SEESOFT protection It absorbs the energy of an impact. And other materials are also included in the design named Engineered skin that protect us against abrasion and provide durability to the gloves.

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