The 250 cc 2T return to the Isle of Man
The 250 cc 2T return to the Isle of Man

Since 2013 it comes celebrating the Classic TT on the Isle of Man, an appointment that takes place in the month of August and that allows you to see legendary motorcycles on the Mountain Course. To date, races such as the Bennetts 500cc Classic TT and the Okells Brewery 350cc Classic TT were held. In 2016 there will be a special race for 250 cc and 2-stroke motorcycles and the names of each one will change from Senior TT to 500 cc, Junior TT to 350 cc and Lightweight to the 250 cc motorcycle race.

And it is that the 250 cc have a long history on the island, with such distinguished pilots as John McGuinness or Bruce Anstey, who won their first race on one of these quarter-liter motorcycles in 1999 and 2002 respectively. In addition, McPint still holds the record for the fastest lap on the Mountain Course on one of these motorcycles at an average speed of 190.36 km / h since 1999.

The racing program will start on Saturday August 27 with the Bennetts Senior Classic TT Race followed by the new Lightweight Classic TT Race and will end on Monday 29th August with the Okells Junior Classic TT Race and the Motorsport Merchandise Superbike Classic TT Race. It seems that there is still a lot left for those dates, but tickets have already been on sale since last November 28 on the official website of the TT.

If you still have any questions about the spectacle of this event, click on the promotional video for the IOMTT 2016 and then tell me about it.

Paul phillips, TT and Motorsport Development Manager of the Isle of Man Department of Economic Development said:

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