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Dakar 2016: almost 5,000 km timed for a total of more than 9,000 to complete
Dakar 2016: almost 5,000 km timed for a total of more than 9,000 to complete

Sunday will start the Dakar 2016, a test that like every year has us in Motorpasión Moto more than hooked. As always, We will keep you promptly informed of everything that happens, but first we will tell you a few brushstrokes so that we all really know what we are facing.

The Saturday 2nd It will officially start with a prologue consisting of a short special of 11 timed kilometers in a total of 346 km. From Buenos Aires The 556 participants who will take part this year in the test will start.

Dakar 2016

As the days go by, the 2016 Dakar will move north to Bolivia. The point of inflesion will take place on the 8th, in the special with departure and arrival in Uyuni bordering the salar. From there they will return south to reach rosary beads January 16.

Going deeper into the route, the longest stage will take place on the penultimate day, with a total of 931 km of which 481 will be timed. However, the longest special will be on Friday the 8th, with a total of 723 km in which 542 will be timed. But the really hard thing is that just the two previous stages are considered marathon and, therefore, there will be no assistance for the pilots.

The detailed tour is as follows:

Spanish participation in motorcycles and quads:

556 participants divided into 354 vehicles distributed as follows: 143 motorcycles, 110 cars, 55 trucks and 46 quads. In the two-wheeler category, everyone expects to know the successor to Marc Coma, being Joan Barreda who has the best chance of winning.

But any of the top ten drivers can surprise: Paul Gonçalves, Toby Price, Pablo Quintanilla, Stefan Svitko, Helder Rodrigues, Ruben Faria, David Casteu, Olivier Pain and the Spaniards Jordi Viladoms and Laia Sanz.

Together with them the rest of the national caravan (18 in total) is represented by the following: Juan Pedrero, Txomin Arana, Armand Monleon, Iván Cervantes (in his Dakar premiere), Daniel Oliveiras, Marc Solá, Antonio Gimeno, Rosa Romero, Carlos Fernández, Domingo Fernández, Enric Martí, José García and Julián José García.

On quads the Spanish representation falls on the side of Covadonga Fernandez (Asturian living in Venezuela and facing her first Dakar), her husband Eduardo Marcos and Alberto Prieto, the first rider to participate in the quad category with one arm.

If you want more information about cars, we invite you to read the preview of our fellow Motorpasión.

Good luck to all!!

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