The great work of Melbourne's motorized paramedics
The great work of Melbourne's motorized paramedics

A few months ago we talked about the enormous work carried out by the "flying doctors" during road races, assisting the pilots in the first minutes after an accident. But in Melbourne there are also paramedics that, aboard their motorcyclesThey provide the first aid in order for life to win the battle to death.

This service that includes two doctors and their respective motorcyclesIt started operating about three years ago. They first used Gilera Fuoco models, but later they gave way to more versatile BMW F800s. BMW F700 GS specially prepared for the job they have to do.

Motorcycle Paramedic Ambulanc Motorcycle Paramedic Ambulanc

The motorcycle agility They allow them to go where ambulances cannot access, even using the crossings set up for pedestrians if necessary, but always taking extreme care to avoid an accident in an area that would not expect the appearance of a motorcycle.

In addition to the motorcycle, the necessary material is distributed between the two side cases inside which they have all the sanitary equipment for the first cures: material to open the airways, oxygen bottle, defibrillator, heart monitor, immobilization splints, elements to stop bleeding, etc.

Motorcycle Paramedic Ambulance Photo Story 78 Motorcycle Paramedic Ambulanc

The command post It has been specially adapted with two transmitters, GPS and the lights and sirens control system which has also been conveniently adapted to the BMW. Clothing is also very important, always in high visibility so that it can be seen quickly by drivers and also when you have gotten off the motorcycle and are in the middle of traffic assisting someone. In the same way, the helmet is modular, to allow you to speak and to communicate perfectly.

Motorcycle Paramedic Ambulanc

In the photo gallery that we link at the end, you can see the great work of these teams as well as the comments of Jason learmonth, one of the paramedics who provides his services on the motorcycle in the Australian city of Melbourne.

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