The art of Mike Watt
The art of Mike Watt

Throughout the years that I have been writing at MotorpasiĆ³n Moto, many artists have passed through here. Some with more skill than others, some with more pull, but they have always brought a different point of view to the world of custom motorcycles. Because it must be remembered that it is not only about improving the mechanics, but also about making a set that is also attractive to the eye.

Today I bring you the work of Mike watt, an Australian artist who uses all the techniques available to him. From paint cans to digital media to get your job done. And since we are talking about motorcycles here, what better example of their work than that done in the tank of a custom Mercury Motorcycle manufactured by Sol Invictus Motorcycles.

Murrays Brewing x Sol Invictus Motorcycles x Bearded Tit from Billy Zammit on Vimeo.

In this second video we see the work on a helmet, to promote a beer brand.

Murrays Brewing X Mike Watt, 'Fred' Motorcycle Helmet from Billy Zammit on Vimeo.

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