The better your rivals, the more merit the victory has
The better your rivals, the more merit the victory has

If I have learned anything from the great champions in whatever discipline they compete in, they always extol the merits of their rivals. The reason is very simple and it is that the stronger and better your rivals are, the more merit the success achieved will have.

You may have had it easy and little else has been a triumphant ride during the season, but even so, you are almost forced to lie and say that the rest of the participants have made it very difficult for you. You will be bigger the bigger your triumphs. Well, if you are Jorge Lorenzo, not because they will say that they have given it to you, but that would give for another story.

That is why in many cases I do not understand how some athletes detract from their rivals. It is as if stones are thrown against your own roof. And all this comes to mind when reading the statements of Johann zarco in an interview with MotoGP in which he talks about his title this season, but which is summarized with the following headline:

That a driver who has taken the title with 354 points, 120 more than Álex Rins as second classified, I spoke thus of the third classified makes him even more deserving of the title. Almost more than his 14 podiums, eight victories or seven poles. In 2012 some called me crazy for what I said, today I can only reaffirm myself on it. Be careful with him.

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