MotoGeo is preparing its first film, but it needs your help
MotoGeo is preparing its first film, but it needs your help

MotoGeo, the show directed by Jamie Robinson, is currently preparing what would be His first movie: The Freedom Machine. As you well know, since we have shared their stories dozens of times on these pages and have come to collaborate to offer them in Spanish, Jamie has spent nearly five years dedicated to his project, his website and his YouTube channel. MotoGeo tries not only to test traditional motorcycles, but also to tell stories and inspire thousands of people to get on a motorcycle and live their own adventure.

There is no question about the quality of his videos, even after changing teams over the years. This project is by far the largest and most ambitious to date. The Freedom Machine tells the story of a trip to Baja California aboard a Ducati Scrambler prepared by one of Robinson's friends, Roland Sands. It will not only be about the motorcycle, but about the journey, the characters that are on the road. At the end of it they visit the Todos Santos orphanage, to which they donate the van they used on the trip. The real challenge comes now; funding is needed to bring the feature film to fruition and you can help.

Using the now famous IndieGoGo platform, Jamie and the team they aim to get a budget of $ 20,000, about 18,600 euros to change. 165 people have already participated getting one of the different financing options, ranging from online download for $ 10 to $ 3,000, which includes a trip with MotoGeo.

They have managed to finance 45% of the necessary budgetbut it still needs one last push. We have 14 days to publicize the project and get the missing $ 11,000. Wouldn't you like to see a movie by and for motorcycling? Made with the same impetus that they put to their videos? A movie that truly represents the values ​​of motorcycling? Then this is our chance.

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