BMW-TVS and the future plans of both brands
BMW-TVS and the future plans of both brands

Attentive, because if what they explain in Bike Advice and Bloomberg TV India It is true, in the very near future we could see a new fruit of the marriage between BMW and TVS. This fruit could materialize in a new generation of twin-cylinder engines developed jointly by both brands and which would lead to a new range of motorcycles in the 500/600 cc segment. Something not far-fetched, since we have known for a long time that engineering likes to use modular concepts to grow in its benefits.

And something as simple as put together a pair of cylinders from the engine that powers the BMW G310 R in a twin cylinder doesn't sound bad at all. It also gives an almost logical displacement for a medium displacement motorcycle around 50/60 hp of power without much effort. Something that a market as appetizing as the Asian one needs and that in India would be sold like hotcakes. The best thing is that this product could also reach Europe at a reasonable price. although the latter sounds too utopian knowing the sales strategies of any product manufactured in Asia.

What seems to be at the top of the future list of this brand alliance is manufacture a whole range of models around the current engine. Going from a Trail, to a sports car, going through something more road. The European market has long ceased to be the trendsetter, and Asian markets are looking for other types of motorcycles that have long since ceased to be seen around here.

We will have to remain vigilant in case more news about this "evolution" of the BMW TVS marriage continues to surface.

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