The new Schuberth SR2 promises to be even better than its predecessor
The new Schuberth SR2 promises to be even better than its predecessor

The German helmet manufacturer Schuberth took its latest novelty to Milan: the Schuberth SR2 that from the spring of next year will replace SR1, the sportiest model that up to now made up its product range.

I know the Schuberth SR1 very well because we could say that it is my usual helmet, and except for a couple of details that we will comment on in another article, the result in all this time has been better than expected. Hence, if indeed and as promised, the Schuberth SR2 clearly surpasses its predecessor, it will be an option to consider.

In the Air & Acoustics laboratory that Schuberth owns in Magdeburg and that we talked about a few months ago, the new SR2 has finished taking shape, looking for maximum performance on the track. It is therefore a radical helmet, less designed for tourist use and yes for those who do occasional runs, for example.

its running stability It is greater and as its aerodynamic penetration has also improved, the load on the neck muscles is even less. Besides of D-Force 2, the new upper spoiler (now fixed), now has two other side that allow more stability in the three axes: zero elevation tension (it does not tend to rise), directional stability (it does not turn) and absence of drift (when the wind hits us).

Schuberth SR2

The bottom deflector On the one hand it prevents air currents from penetrating (it is a very closed helmet at the height of the neck) and on the other hand that the sound that reaches our ears is less. On the other hand, it maintains both air intakes upper and the double frontal (visor, mouth) although now they present a new, more optimized design. In tests it has been achieved that the exchange of air inside the helmet (essential for optimal ventilation and extraction of both heat and CO2 from respiration) reaches up to 11 liters per second.

Three shells Different sizes allow six sizes, ranging from 53 (XS) to 63 (XXL). Its construction is carried out by means of a special matrix of Duroplast reinforced with fiberglass, which allows it to remain a lightweight helmet (1,295 grams), especially on the go, which is where it matters most. Inside, EPS in different degrees of stiffness to achieve a good fit, comfort and shock absorption at high and low speed. The closure, how could it be otherwise, is double ring.

The internal padding It is also new and is covered with Coolmax, being completely removable and washable in addition to being antiallergic, antibacterial and deodorizing. Like all Schuberth helmets, the two neck pads are reflective to increase visibility in low light conditions.

The new Schuberth SR2 It has seven different decorations as well as six screens in different finishes depending on the use and conditions when we hit the road. As a curiosity, it is the helmet on which the officers of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup as well as the one that uses Jesko raffin in Moto2.

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