Tokyo gone, or the hard life of a Japanese biker
Tokyo gone, or the hard life of a Japanese biker

In the motorcycle world there is a pattern that repeats itself whatever the type of motorcycle you ride. When it gets old, the headaches begin and the relationship with them becomes somewhat complicated. Many people go for a drastic solution, which is pass the headache to another and return to the starting point with a new motorcycle that will not give you problems in a season. Others, holding on to that relationship that lasts for years, prefer to start dealing with those headaches.

This, more or less, is the story they tell us in Tokyo gone. Aki, an office worker overcome by bureaucracy and the routine of her job, does not hesitate to jump from one motorcycle to another to get to the appointment with a friend who is waiting for her at a circuit to participate in a race. Each model that Aki rides on is more iconic than the previous one, more classic or simply different from the bike it came from. A concept that summarizes in a few minutes what life can be for many of us who like to mess with old motorcycles.

The video is in Japanese with English subtitles, but I don't think there will be much trouble understanding it. Because motorcycles, even in Japan, are still motorcycles.

TOKYO GONE from Speedtractor on Vimeo.

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