Kymco also presented novelties at the EICMA Show in Milan
Kymco also presented novelties at the EICMA Show in Milan

Kymco presented three novelties at the EICMA show in Milan. Three urban mobility options that respond to Kymco's commitment to making Scooters safer and more respectful with the environment. These comply with the regulations that will come into force in 2016 and that increase the requirements in terms of emissions with the Euro4 and safety, which require that motorcycles of 125 cc or more install ABS systems.

They achieve the latter by installing the most modern control unit on the market, the Bosch 9.1M. The smallest and lightest anti-lock system on the market that stands out for the speed of the process to respond almost instantly in emergency braking situations.

2015 Downtown350 3 4 From Left

The first model presented is the Kymco G-Dink 300 ABS, model that in Spain is known by the name of Yager GT. This is the latest model in the family that stands out for having a flat floor and represents an option that has been on the market since 2012. The current design focuses on offering stability and comfort, for which it has a highly rigid chassis.

The ground, which we have already said is flat, measures no less than 280mm width, which offers many possibilities when it comes to transporting objects comfortably. The front of the Scooter now sports an elegant double optics and has greater storage capacity in the front compartment and a USB port to recharge the mobile. The tank is now 9 liters.

The electronic injection allows to obtain greater efficiency of the fuel used while reducing the emission of polluting gases. Controlling this electronics we find a 16-bit processor that manages the information from the different sensors that are installed in it. In this way, an almost real-time response is achieved that adapts the performance of the engine.

New G Dink300 Right Side

The second novelty presented is the Kymco Downtown 125/350, a model known in Spain as Super Dink and which has enjoyed enormous popularity since 2009, having managed to exceed 100,000 units sold in more than 40 countries.

Besides the ABS system installation and comply with Euro4 emissions, this Scooter will come with a new Deep Blue color. In its 350 cc version the engine offers no less than 30 hp which raises it to the level of Scooter Touring Sport. But without losing elements such as the hole under the seat in which two full face helmets fit.

Xtown Left Side

The third and last novelty presented in Milan was the Kymco XTown 125/300. This shares the small mechanics with its brother the Kymco DownTown 125, or what is the same with the four-valve engine, but in the 300 version it uses a new engine with two valves more focused on urban use. This engine has a more suitable power range for citizen use at low revs. Its hallmarks include the X-shaped rear light with LED technology that increases visibility and safety when driving at night.

These novelties still do not have an availability date in Spain, but they are expected to arrive in early 2016. Prices are not confirmed either.

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