Peugeot Django Le Derny, a concept by Deus ex Machina
Peugeot Django Le Derny, a concept by Deus ex Machina

From time to time the stars align and alliances are born that we would never have imagined. Something that the people of Deus ex Machina They had never set out to build a Scooter, and look where, when it comes to unifying their style with that of cyclists, they set their eyes on the Peugeot Django. A Scooter that commemorates the laurels of the past of the French brand that precisely launched this contemporary classic last year.

The Derny It is a technique in which a motorcycle or similar precedes the cyclist to help him cut the wind and thus achieve greater speed. A name that comes to this Scooter that, in addition to breaking the wind in front of a cyclist, also serves to move a bicycle as if it were a surfboard.

But the best of all this is the video that they have prepared for us see Le Derny in action. With a very careful image and a soundtrack that does not clash with the style of this transformation.

Deus Ex Machina Le Derny from Deus Italy on Vimeo.

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