Very bad preseason news. Aleix Espargaró breaks the T9 vertebra
Very bad preseason news. Aleix Espargaró breaks the T9 vertebra

After some promising training sessions by Suzuki, placing Máverick Viñales in second position and Aleix Espargaró in fourth in the first preseason tests, the first serious setback for the boys in blue arrives.

Aleix Espargaró has fractured his T9 vertebra receiving a jump while training doing motocross near Granollers and now faces a lengthy recovery process. Unfortunately for him and the team, he will be out for the next Suzuki tests with the whole development team.

After the impact, the Spanish pilot did not fall to the ground but he noticed that something was very wrong, so he went to the Quiron Dexeus University Hospital in Barcelona where a series of tests were carried out that confirmed the injury. Due to excessive bending he had suffered fracture of the ninth thoracic vertebra.

Although there have been no major consequences and Espargaró has already been discharged, he will have to rest for at least two or three weeks before getting back on the bike.

The pilot was discharged this Friday, but he must stand for two to three weeks to fully recover which will prevent him from being present at the next trainings scheduled by the Hamamatsu brand on November 23 and 24. Despite the great handicap that this implies for the development of the GSX-RR, the most important thing is that Aleix recovers quickly and without sequelae.

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