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The baby resulting from the last appointment between tourism and adrenaline is called KTM 1290 Super Duke GT
The baby resulting from the last appointment between tourism and adrenaline is called KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

The appearance of the KTM 1290 Super Duke (tests I, II and III) on the market marked the way for the arrival of a whole series of "super nades", motorcycles without fairing and high handlebars but that, by performance and components, equal or even surpass many great sports. The 1290 Super Duke is the best representative of this philosophy of take performance on the road, into the real world, also leaving room to enjoy the circuit without any problem. She was able to cover a wide list of needs but there was still to satisfy those who enjoy not only fighting with such a tremendous monster, but also want to be able to travel with her to unleash their cavalry on any road in the world.

Well said and done, in this edition of the EICMA in Milan we were able to attend the presentation of the new KTM 1290 Super Duke GT, a motorcycle that adopts the brown beast to fit everything you need for long days on the road.

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It is often said that he who covers a lot, little squeezes. And in many cases this saying could be used for some bikes that tried to "be good at everything" but, on the contrary, remained passable in each of these aspects. According to KTM, this Super Duke GT maintains all the fun that we could have in the Super Duke, but also adds the ability to face long trips without any problem thanks to the changes that we will see below.

  • 23 liter tank. Write it down, up to 400km of autonomy. It is perhaps the first thing that catches the attention of the amateur who is already used to the 1290 Super Duke. The GT tank impresses like no other and is big, very big. Up to 23 liters of fuel can fit inside. The tank is part of the new lines of this KTM, also providing aerodynamic protection for the rider and serving as a platform for the gutter lights. This is a system that uses the tilt data from the MSC to use its LEDs accordingly to illuminate the curve we are about to take.

  • Adjustable dome. It is one of the "must" when making a tourist motorcycle. This Super Duke GT incorporates an adjustable screen to protect the rider from inclement weather.

  • Luggage rack. If you are going to travel, you will need to take your luggage with you. The GT adopts new luggage racks without destroying the super duke's spectacular image.

  • Heated grips and cruise control. All standard on the Super Duke GT, two features that make the passage of kilometers more pleasant and less tiring.

And what consequences does it have?

The performance of the KTM 1290's 75º V2 engine has not been affected at all and develops exactly the same power as the original, 173 hp and 144Nm. It maintains the same wheelbase, ground clearance, seat height etc … but adopts WP semi-active suspensions, 48 ​​mm bars in the front and WP shock absorber in the rear. The tank, modifications to the subframe, screen etc … have meant that the set has risen to the 228 Kg, with 23 liters of gasoline and all the necessary liquids to go on a trip.

As for electronics, it includes the entire endless list of high-tech that we had in the standard Super Duke: MSC, MTC, Supermotard Mode, MSR … as well as advances in favor of the pilot's safety:

  • ATTIR. A system that automatically turns off the turn signals after 10 seconds and 150 meters from the moment we activate them.
  • TPMS. It is the tire pressure control, a feature that keeps us informed of tire pressure and will warn us if there are drastic changes.
  • HHC. Or in Spanish, the hill stop control. It ensures that we can leave without problems if we stop on slopes keeping the brakes applied until the pilot accelerates.

In short, it maintains as much as possible its sporty character but adding ideal touches to devour kilometers without pause. All of it will be available for 18,586 euros.

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