Italians dare with everything. The Bimota Impeto arrives and its optional supercharger
Italians dare with everything. The Bimota Impeto arrives and its optional supercharger

As we mentioned the other day, Bimota would bring a new naked model to the EICMA. Said and done, because they have presented their new Bimota Impeto, a mythical name not chosen at random that heralds the landing of a large motorcycle mounted on the base of the Ducati Testastretta 11th Diavel engine.

This muscular mega-naked that has a distant relative to the DB8 pulls muscle at each of its angles, but the most interesting thing is that it also introduces a supercharging system developed by Bimota that boosts the performance of the twin cylinder up to brush the barrier of 200 horses.

Bimota Impeto

The supercharging system is capable of raising the 162 horsepower of the original Ducati engine to a power that can exceed 190 horses of power by applying forced induction through a twin rotor Sprintex compressor.

The direct consequence is that the propellant performance is improve between 15 and 20% without ruffling, but to avoid scares Bimota has also redesigned and reinforced other engine parts such as the engine covers. I am struck by how well finished the set appears to be and especially how little volume it occupies.

Bimota Supercharger 6

If you have the tickets for punishment and you want to fully experience the Bimota experience, you can choose something as exclusive as optionally riding the tubular carbon fiber chassis structure. I highly recommend that you spend a moment looking at the manufacturing details of the set. Authentic moto-porn.

As a final note, the Bimota Impeto It will be the first standard Bimota to be able to equip the supercharger, but they say that any of the Bimota models with a Ducati original engine and liquid cooling can be adapted on request.

Bimota Impeto 3

Unfortunately we do not have many more details, or photos, what you see (as in the case of the RaceCafe) is the only information that the Italian brand has released.

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