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The Suzuki SV 650 is back. The reincarnation of a modern myth
The Suzuki SV 650 is back. The reincarnation of a modern myth

The world of motorcycling is in luck. A model that should never have left returns to reincarnate following the same philosophy that it inaugurated more than a decade ago. The Suzuki sv 650 will be in 2016 again among us.

Next year we will recover one of the popular icons of the beginning of the century to welcome back with joy a almost perfect reincarnation of the SV spirit. A motorcycle with which the novice and veteran alike will be able to have fun almost alike.

Suzuki SV 650. Nice to meet you

Suzuki sv650

For only two generations the SV 650 (both the naked model and the semi-fairing) became one of the most popular motorcycles thanks to their lightness, good chassis and balanced behavior. A bike that was also cheap, which made it so popular with newcomers to big bikes as well as those looking for a light, manageable and effective motorcycle on the track.

Then Suzuki wanted to bet on another style, took a similar chassis structure, the same twin engine with some modifications, a particular aesthetic and became the Gladius. A bike that did not do justice to the legacy the SVs had forged over the years. But that already happened, Re-welcome Suzuki SV 650!

Suzuki Sv650 1

The image of this new Suzuki SV 650 is really fascinating because of how they have managed to take advantage of the essence of the latest SV and bring it back to the present without looking out of date. The front is still dominated by a single round headlight, while the tank, seat and tail assembly follow a very smooth and defined line. The back, on the other hand, is more familiar and now has a double headlight like that of the GSX-R.

Behind the small dome that masks the lighthouse we find a Fully digital dashboard with a very modern flavor and full of information (revolutions, speed, gear engaged, clock, trips, engine temperature, average / instantaneous consumption and fuel level).

The chassis is once again a multi-tubular steel with thinner tubes and painted in a discreet black color. A black that is also distributed by numerous parts such as the engine, the swingarm, the fork legs, the triple clamps, the exhaust and some parts of the body to offer a cohesive image.

Suzuki Sv650 25

The touches of color, much more subtle than the Gladius, they put a tank in red and some lines of the tail in the same color in the most discreet version and another with a more striking look with a white background and details in blue (wheels and a line that runs through the body).

The 650 cubic centimeter 90 degree vee twin impeller maintains the same base but receives numerous new parts to get more power (75 horsepower at 8,500 rpm), more torque, less consumption and an improvement in emissions to pass the Euro 4 with solvency. Among the novelties we have new pistons whose liners receive an anti-friction resin coating, double spark plug system per cylinder, 10-hole injectors …

Suzuki Sv650 9

For the start they have used a new system that just by pressing the button for a tenth of a second the starter motor rotates as necessary until the propeller starts up. In order to facilitate low-rev and high-speed handling, a low-rev assistant has been included to prevent stalling.

Finally, the weight that you throw on the scale is 195 kilos for the normal version and 197 for the version with ABS, while consumption remains (according to Suzuki) below 4 liters to 100. In short, a new SV 650 that comes with an interesting offer in terms of compromise of performance and simplicity.

They have not said anything about the price but it has the difficult mission of being an alternative to the Yamaha MT-07, so it cannot be placed very far from it. Will the Suzuki SV 650 return to become the icon it was in its day?

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