Tucano Urbano Termoscud EVO, for the whole year, even in summer
Tucano Urbano Termoscud EVO, for the whole year, even in summer

If you are one of those who goes by Scooter every day of the year, the Termoscud de Tucano Urbano is an essential equipment to face the harshest of winter. And now, thanks to the new Tucano Urbano Termoscud EVO You can also go with your legs tucked up and protected even in summer. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis evolution has been to manufacture it in such a way that the thermal protector can be removed and thus can be used throughout the year.

Nothing easier than manufacturing the thermal protector regardless of the blanket in order to be able to extract it on the hottest days. Thus the air will be able to circulate through the 3D mesh that remains in the Termoscud and our legs will be "cooled" without having to suffer the direct action of the sun's rays.

Tucano Urbano Termoscud Evo 21

The Tucano Urbano Termoscud EVO it is even more waterproof, flexible and resistant to inclement weather. This is achieved by being manufactured in Tarpaulin, a system that consists of two layers of waterproof material with reinforcing mesh inside. Thus, greater impermeability, durability and aesthetic improvement are achieved over conventional polyamide.

The fit has been improved, giving the Termoscud EVO a more aerodynamic shape and the SGAS 2.0 anti-flare system It has also been improved, with a new regulating valve that closes automatically to guarantee adequate pressure for longer.

But the biggest improvement is the safety release system at the bottom to allow the foot to exit in an emergency. This system consists of a hooking by velcro on the straps that fix the front part of the leg cover to the Scooter. These allow them to be unhooked with a simple kick and the foot can be taken out to rest it on the ground.

Tucano Urbano Termoscud Evo 26

To avoid friends of others, the Tucano Urbano Termoscud EVO has a metal anti-theft ring. It also has a large storage pocket, a seat cover incorporated into the chest, reflective profile and prints, and anti-scratch inserts based on neoprene and silicone.

On the Tucano Urbano website we can see the models that are available. At the moment there are not many, but they promise that the range will grow over time. The price of those available today is 185 euros.

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