Indian Scout Sixty, downsizing comes this far
Indian Scout Sixty, downsizing comes this far

At the time, the Indian Scout surprised us all with features that we were not used to seeing in the custom segment. Now it seems like Indian has also had the wave of downsizing that is bathing almost all brands and they have presented us with the Indian Scout Sixty. A version with less displacement than the plain Scout, but with the same flavor.

At least that's what we've been told about the European version of this Indian Scout Sixty, which cubes 999 cc, delivers 78 hp and a torque of 88.8 Nm. Very reasonable figures for a motorcycle of this type. In fact, the name Sixty was born from there, because the displacement of this engine, expressed in inches is precisely that, 61 ci.

Indian Scout Sixty 17

The power of this propeller is very linear, and it is used by means of a cico gearbox (one less than its older sister). In this version ABS comes standard, and its recommended price starts at 11,590 euros, 1,400 euros less than the plain Scout.

From his older sister it seems that he inherits the aluminum chassis, the same suspensions and the same brake set as the Scout. In this case, the swingarm and chassis come in black, like the seat and wheels, aesthetic details that help us differentiate it from its older sister.

Indian Scout Sixty 07

The low center of gravity, and the seat only 643 mm they translate into excellent maneuverability while making it available to almost everyone. The icing on this cake is the ease of transforming this Indian Scout Sixty. Something inescapable if you want to succeed in this world.

The solution comes from the hand of a extensive range of original accessories such as seats, footrests, handlebars, spoke rims, European certified Remus exhausts or a mini-ape handlebar.

Available colors are Thunder Black, Indian Motorcycle Red and Pearl White. And, the truth is, it is difficult to decide on one.

Indian Scout Sixty 28

To end the re-entry of Indian on the flat track, next Saturday sponsor the Hooligan class at the AMA Grand Finale. And they will present a few Indian Scout Sixty prepared by Roland Sands. The Californian is throwing it away lately.

In the words of Steve Menneto, the president of indian Motorcycle:

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